Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The power of positivity and encouragment.

Wow! Talk about encouragement! There's something that instantly ups the happiness value of the day! Thank you to everyone who “like”d my first post link on Facebook and for all the encouraging comments.

It kind of freaked me out a little, of course. I mean, you don't go from a generally negative point of view to a positive one overnight do you??? (That would be nice though. I'd love to have a switch for some things. Attitudes. Hairstyles. Body size. Hair removal. Libido. Oh! Hang on! That's not what this post is about!!!!)

So, as I was saying before my post was rudely hijacked by... me! I was a little freaked out. I didn't really expect anyone to read my blog at all. So suddenly, as well as being encouraged, I was also feeling a bit under pressure to write interesting stuff. And that kind of flies in the face of how I've been feeling over the past few months, possibly years. I don't feel very interesting these days.

But apparently my humdrum life is shared by a few people and someone may actually be encouraged by me writing about it and trying to find the fun and joy in the middle of cleaning up for the millionth time after you've just told the Little Big Fella NOT to touch something because it will break and make a big mess.

I am amazed at the change my "happiness project" has made already.  Such a small decision; "I think I'll try to be happier every day".  And writing this blog kind of keeps me accountable to myself - especially now that I know some people are reading it.

I have hope!  I've made a tiny little change in trying to find something happy and positive in my days and I'm actually finding happy and positive things about every day so far!  And more than one thing most days!  The future suddenly looks bright and hopeful, even if I remain an at home mum for an indefinite period of time!  I feel so relieved!  So hopeful!

So today my thanks is to you! Whoever is reading this! Because you've helped turn my day (my life!) around and made me feel like the life I'm living is valuable, even though it may be appear a bit boring on the surface.

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  1. You'll find, as I have, the more you focus on 'the positives' the more positives you'll'll actually be surprised when someone else can't see them... God bless.