Friday, 13 January 2012

A day to myself

I had my first day on my own for the year.  No other people, only 1 thing that absolutely needed doing.  I was excited for the day to come.  I haven't had a day to myself for at least a month, and most of the ones before that were filled with the pre-Christmas rush.

You'd think it would be a great day right?

Well, it's been nice... I guess.  It's been lovely to be on my own for a whole 7 hours!  That's for sure.  I'm ultimately an introvert so I really enjoyed being alone after having so many (lovely, wonderful) people around.

But it feels like a bit of a wasted day to be honest.  I did the thing that absolutely HAD to be done first thing.  And I've done a little bit of house cleaning up.  And I finished my book.

But I guess I didn't have anything I really wanted to do either.  Sure, I had a list of housework and a few other bits that I could do.  But nothing I really wanted to do.

So now I'm at the end of my on-my-own time and I'm feeling a little... flat.  Not down, just flat.  I wish I'd been able to put a little vibrancy into my day.

But, the day is not over yet!  Maybe I'll squeeze a little something in before crashing tonight???  It could happen!

May your day be vibrant, refreshing and satisfying!

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