Tuesday, 10 January 2012


It was HOT here today!  It feels like our sub-tropical summer is actually starting (it's a little late this year).

What to do?

Head to the pool of course!!!  The Little Big Fella and I prefer the pool to the beach.  There's lots of sources of entertainment (shower things, spraying things, slides, big pools and little pools), lots of other kids doing fun stuff that encourages the Little Big Fella to expand his swimming skills, and we can sit on the grass in the shade to have a snack before jumping back in again.

And even though the day turned out so hot (especially mid-afternoon), I enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine.  I enjoyed playing with my son and watching him learn and grow before my eyes.  I enjoyed sitting with him and having a snack.  I enjoyed the sun-drained feeling on the way home and how easily the Little Big Fella went to sleep for his afternoon nap.

I'm pretty sure these are the kinds of days that I'll remember when I'm old and chillin' out in a comfy rocking chair on the front porch (although, I suspect it'll be more like a recliner with cup holders for me).

I'm pretty sure I'll look on them as "the good ol' days".

I want to remember to enjoy the sun-blessed days like today as they happen and make lots more of these kinds of "good ol' days".

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  1. Little Big Fella will remember these days too when he has grown (although he will be acutely embarrassed if you bring them up in his teens/early twenties). He will wax lyrical about them however, when his children are young. Glad to hear about your 'day in the sun'...God bless.