Thursday, 5 January 2012

Braggin' bout the Big Fella

It's our 10 year wedding anniversary today! That's a pretty big achievement these days. Unfortunately the Big Fella's away at work but he'll be home tonight or tomorrow morning, which is a great surprise because we thought this was his away weekend. So I'm taking him to lunch and movie on Saturday (after dropping the Little Big Fella and my brother elsewhere).

So, I just need to brag about my Big Fella today. Because he's awesome, and I love him and I'm SO lucky to have married him!

My Big Fella cooks. Really well! He cooks WAY better than me and loves to do it. He gets really inspired about it and watches cooking shows and tries new things. And they always taste awesome! (Well, there was one time that turned out rather... average, but we'll give the guy a break – he is human!) I love that when I was pregnant and for the first 6 months or so after the Little Big Fella was born he did ALL the cooking! What a blessing!

And (are you ready for this?) he cleans! Not so much at the moment because he's at work and I'm at home and most of the time when he's home it doesn't need to be done, but that's not the point! He does everything on the cleaning front, and normally without me asking him to do it (and sometimes before I even think about it). He even cleans the oven, which I hate doing!

My Big Fella is handy with tools. He has a trade and he's good with his hands (keep your minds out of the gutter people!!!). He can fix or build just about anything to a pretty decent standard.

But here's the really good stuff! He's really happy to ask people who know better than him for advice. He's humble without being falsely modest, and he's working really hard on being more patient. He stuck around when I wasn't much fun to be with, and when I didn't give him enough love and attention. He's caring and enjoys chick flicks (well, not all of them, but enough that we can enjoy that together sometimes). He's strong and manly. He's ruggedly handsome (I'm writing this post so dissenters... keep it to yourself), and he treats me wonderfully. He's a reader, he's intelligent, has an amazing memory! He's so much fun to go to a restaurant with because he somehow makes the whole experience feel like hanging out with a bunch of friends, even if it's only the two of us. He's interesting and challenging and I love him to pieces. Of course, I find him sexy too!

So honey, here's to you! Thank you for a wonderful 10 years (even the hard parts). May the next 10 be full of even more love, fun, friendship and adventure. I love you.


  1. Great to read about someone so much in love with her husband after 10 years. God is certainly good, making sure that you were together even though you thought you wouldn't be.

    Thoughts are with you on this day... God bless.

  2. I absolutely love how much you love your husband! I love how much he loves you too :). *mwah* xo