Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WAY too organised!

You know how the Big Fella is working 7 hours away from where we live?  The plan is to move there with him as soon as he's able to get housing through his workplace (rent is exorbitant up there, which is why we're not all up there already).  At this stage our best guess is that will be the end of March at the earliest, but possibly up to 4 months still.

On Saturday my parents moved house.  They only moved within the same suburb but they were basically fully unpacked by the time I spoke to Mum on Sunday afternoon.  Until I moved out of home our family moved, on average, every 2nd year so you could say we've had a little bit of practice.

So, in my naturally organised way, I have already started sorting everything out.  All the cupboards now hold only the things we'll be keeping and want to take with us.  There's a big pile of stuff downstairs that needs to go to Vinnies (unless anyone wants to come and take some off our hands???), but that's a task for when the Little Big Fella's at daycare.  I still need to tackle the toy room and my drawer full of ribbons, but everything else is ready to go in boxes as soon as we've got a green light!

I also have a cleaning list.  One room each week; clean the ceiling and light fittings, windows and blinds and as much of the walls as possible.  I've recently defrosted the freezers (VERY good way to cool down on a hot day is to defrost the deep freeze!), and cleaned under the fridge and oven.  Lots of the shelves around the place have baking paper on them so they'll just need to be put in the bin and the shelves wiped down.

Add to this our rather busy couple of months coming up.

My best friend is visiting in a week.  When she leaves we're heading to the Big Fella's parents' holiday house to hang out with them.  March is almost every birthday in the family, including the Little Big Fella's.

I've decided to do a Cars theme for the Little Big Fella's birthday.  I've already created the invites (Ticketek tickets that look AWESOME).  I'm going to make little cardboard box cars for each of the kids (about 10 I think) for them to race in.  I saw these awesome ones from another blog http://bktribe.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/disney-cars-birthday-party.html so I'm going to attempt a basic version of those.  I've done my first trial and it was actually pretty easy.  Unfortunately the box is a little small for my not-so-Little Big Fella, but I think some of the other kids will fit in it.

I'm going to do as much of the bits and pieces shopping as I can this week and I'm trying to get it all ready so that it's easy when I'm in the middle of packing and cleaning.  I've got lists and lists of lists.  So I'm WAY organised!

Now to actually do it! ;-)

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