Sunday, 22 January 2012


I love the weekends that the Big Fella comes home!

I love having him in the house, sharing parenting, sharing the chores, the different activities that we do when he's home.

I love sitting and watching TV together, just touching in that caring, deep friendship kind of way.

Am I hanging out for when we're all in the same house permanently again?  You bet!  I can't wait for the daily opportunity for incidental conversation, thanks-for-the-coffee-kisses, just-passing-you-by-butt-slaps... have you picked up that my love language is touch?

We spent part of the weekend watching the Gourmet Farmer DVD's that I bought him as a late Christmas present.  The guy sells up from Sydney and moves to Tassie to start his own farm and make artisan and foodie-type products.  This is pretty much the Big Fella's dream!  Especially having pigs and making his own salami, prosciutto, ham, bacon etc.

I realised this weekend that I'm actually into this dream too (which is kind of handy, because the Big Fella is a strong personality and it's pretty likely to happen).  While I don't mind the idea of pigs and so on, I'm quite keen on having a dairy cow, chickens and a vege garden that can supply most of our needs.

I quite like the partially self-sufficient lifestyle, and the comeraderie of like-minded small-holdings farmers.  I can see myself making cheese and butter and yoghurt (yep, I'm going to need to do a LOT of walking and running around!), and preserving fruits and vegetables.  It'll be hard work, but it's a shared dream and I'm excited that it is actually a possibility!

We also spent most of Saturday with my grandparents.  They live on a 36 acre property as caretakers for the Baptist Church.  The Little Big Fella ran around like a headless chicken, drove the tractor around, played on the playground, hit a few rounds of golf, and did a little torchlight toading (cane toads are excellent golf practice!).  It was so lovely to spend so much time with my grandparents.  We get along really well and I just LOVE watching the Little Fella hanging out with my Poppy.

It was a weekend of some of my favourite things really; being with my Fellas, dreaming together, sharing life together, playing together, visiting together.  Togetherness is definitely an element of happiness for me.

Living 7 hours apart sucks.  Yep, it REALLY does!  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and that's not such a bad thing.  But man! am I looking forward to the togetherness of life again!


  1. Glad you had an enjoyable weekend my friend, and praying for the time when you're all together, I hope your dreams are fulfilled...God bless.

  2. I picked up that you like butt slaps...must remember that when I come up next haha!

  3. LOL Lacey! Just a warning about butt slaps - you'll have to speak to Loz about our little teatowel fight. I believe "welt" is the word!

  4. Oooo ahhh you win! I'm petrified of tea towel whacks! Owies