Thursday, 19 January 2012

I love my boys

Normally, the Little Big Fella goes to a Family Day Carer on Thursdays and Fridays.  But our Super-Carer broke her arm at the end of October.  We all thought it would be six weeks with a cast and then back to normal.  Not quite.

Super-Carer (I'll tell you about her some time) managed to not just fracture her arm, but completely broke the bone and injured the ligaments and tendons around her wrist.  So even when the cast eventually came off, she still needed more healing time for the rest of it.  And given that she has to lift toddlers (including our "Little" 18kg Big Fella) for changing nappies and such, she really did need the extra healing time.

So, way back in October, my sister and I decided that, instead of sending our boys off to a different carer for six weeks, we'd each have the boys one day a week.  And I have to say, mostly I have really enjoyed it.

I've enjoyed spending some more time with my oldest nephew (turned 3 in October).

I've enjoyed cooking with the boys and making huge messes with flour and such (although the clean up wasn't quite as fun).

I've enjoyed adding art projects to our days together.

I've enjoyed thinking about not just entertaining them, but continuing their education... at least a little bit.

I've enjoyed taking them to parks and to feed the ducks and for walks and a splash at the water park.

I've enjoyed watching the boys together and how polite and lovely they are to each other most of the time.  I love that they are friends and brothers.  As the Little Big Fella says, "L is my best, best friend".

I've enjoyed sitting on the stairs eating ice blocks with them, and chatting with them and playing with them, and running around like an idiot with them, and jumping on the bed with them, and hiding from the crocodile under the covers with them.

Super-Carer will be back on deck from January 31st and I think I'm going to miss our day a week together.

I love my boys :-)

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