Monday, 9 January 2012

Oh shoot! Is that the time???

Okay, so I should have been in bed an hour ago.  Or at least showered and heading in that direction!  But I'm not.  Why?  Because I've just started looking through Pinterest.  How addictive is that website???

But!  I can claim it as part of my Happiness Journey research because I was looking particularly at the humour page and having a good old giggle :-D

Sometimes it's good to use the web as a source of mirth and entertainment.  Those sites that have the cat or dog photos with clever captions.  You Tube comedian videos.  E-mail jokes that you've read a thousand times but still make you smile (or maybe even LOL!).

Time to share people!  What are your favourite sources of mirth and entertainment?


  1. I find children the best source of mirth, when children and animals are interacting, that adds another level.

    I also tend to find humour in just about every doctor told me that she would begin to worry about me when I could no longer joke...

  2. walking down town yesterday, i turn around and find Will with his face pressed against a window to which I said to him in a not so quiet voice "Will! I hope your not licking that window" before I started giggling at what I just said infront of people!!!! Everytime I thought about it while I was down town I broke into a smile... the things we say as parents... a great source of entertainment!!! lol