Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wonderful people

I want to tell you about some brilliant people I know!

But guess what!!! I won first place for a couple of my photos in the local CWA photo competition this morning!!!  Totally blown away and excited!!!  Here's the photos that won:

This one was for the "Abstract" category.  Can you guess what it is?  I'll give you a couple of days before I let you know ;-)
Okay, it's a couple of days later and my Mum guessed it.  It's paint peeling on an old tyre in a playground.

And this was in the "Child Study" category.  It's the Little Big Fella taking a bath at my grandparent's house the last time we were there.

I'm pretty proud and excited, especially because I didn't expect to win anything!  I mean, I put my photos in thinking they were okay, but basically in support of our CWA.  And then I won a couple!!!!  These photos now go through to our regional competition, then I guess on to State level if it goes that far (pfft!!).

You know I've told you all about all the big and little miracles associated with our "little" car crash and getting home.  But now I have to tell you that the people in our little town are definitely up there in the wonderful and generous people category.

I cannot tell you how many people have offered their cars, a ride for the Little Big Fella to kindy, to collect things from our next town, to do the shopping for me, and just about any other little thing you can think someone might need when they're car-less for a little while in a remote location.

Last week the Big Fella's tutor ran into me at the post office (not literally) and asked how we were going.  In the course of the conversation I mentioned that we needed to return the hire car and he immediately said that they were planning to go to that town that day, but they'd hold off until Saturday so that we could use one of their cars.

Later that morning a friend dropped around with some paperwork for me and said, "so when are you taking the car?" - meaning her car.

That's just a few examples, there have been several before and since.

I love to give to others - my time, money, resources... whatever!  And generally I'd say I'm pretty good at receiving gracefully.  But it is really hard to constantly receive and allow others to help you.  It's humbling.

And it's lovely.

It's so nice to think that we've only been here for a year (this week actually!) and we've met so many great people who are willing to help us out, and in some cases are almost forceful about it.  It definitely gets those warm, fuzzy feelings going and reminds me that the world is actually full of wonderful people, not just the jerks who drive you nuts on the road, or are inconsiderate, or whatever.  There are those who will go out of their way to make your life easier whenever they can, and that's part of what makes this life enjoyable.  (And I think it's something special about living in small, country towns too.)

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