Saturday, 11 May 2013

Gettin' our creativity on!

Because of our little accident, we didn't get to meet up with my parents in our old town.  They live two states away so we only get to see them a couple of times a year.  We were all really disappointed about it!

But then the other day the Little Big Fella received a parcel in the mail from my Mum!  In it was a gorgeous letter to him and a couple of books - one all about various motorbikes, where "Farting Freddie" wins a bike race, and the other from my parents' friends who were really keen to meet us as well.  It was about a robot with no bottom.

Needless to say, bedtime included a few giggles that night!

Well, in the letter Mum hinted that she'd love to get some more of the Little Big Fella's paintings (we've sent a few of his kindy paintings to each of the grandparents throughout the year).  So rather than grab one or two out of the drawer, I decided we'd do some painting at home.

Now, as much as I love arts and crafts, we don't tend to do an awful lot of it at home.  Mostly because I find it kind of stressful trying to keep the mess contained, so I need to be in a pretty good mood before we attempt it :-}

On went the painting shirt (my old Kidzone t-shirt, Brad!), down went the spill mat, out came the old kid-sized table and chairs, and the paper was blu-tacked onto the table.

Then, and only then, were we ready to bring out the paints!

The bottom photo is the Little Big Fella's "Hulk smash" painting.  He's SO into superheroes at the moment and when he was painting he just started saying "Hulk smash" and plopping the paintbrush down all over the place (with some force, might I add).

Since starting kindy, the Little Big Fella has also started to grow an interest in  letters and numbers.  So I've been trying to take the opportunities he presents to expand his understanding.

For example, I've taught him a rhyme to spell out his name, so now he knows the names of the letters in his name, even though he doesn't understand what that means.

I've taught him how to write the first letter of his name, and other words that start with the same sound.  For example, "d, d, dog" or "c, c, cat" (saying the sounds, not the letter names).  Through that (and I suspect they've been doing it at kindy too) he's started asking me for the names of letters and recognising the starting sounds in words.

At lunch yesterday he asked, "what's the name of w, w, waterbottle?"  Then we went through a bunch of other words as well.  No, he doesn't understand what a "W" is, but he's starting to grasp the basic idea that sounds are associated with letters and words.

So, as well as his "Hulk smash" painting, the Little Big Fella did one covered with the first letter of his name.  He's really got that one down pat, by the way!  So I started teaching him the second letter, but he wasn't really interested at that time.  I did, however, discover that he can draw an "O" no worries, and a heart!

Sometimes it's a bit fun being the mum of a pre-schooler :-D

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