Monday, 6 May 2013

Fun times!

Time for another photo catch up!!!  Yay!!!

Kids just love these things in the shopping centres, don't they?  The Little Big Fella is often happy to just imagine and play, but this time we put the money in for the whole experience :-D

Last week the Little Big Fella had his first soccer lesson.  He loved it (once he got the idea that he had to do what the coach said)!  His best friend was there as well, so he was much more comfortable that he might otherwise have been.

This is one of SuperCarer's activities that we stole for playgroup last week.  We call it "drop painting".  You get paper towels or coffee filter paper or something similar.  Then you use an eye dropper or syringe (obviously without the needle!) to drop food-dye-coloured water onto the paper.

The kids get really creative and enjoy it so much, and because it's just water and food dye it's easy to clean up any messes.  I highly recommend having a plastic sheet under the paper because the kids tend to put a lot of dyed water on their paper :-D

We live in a mining area, a fair way from major centres.  As such we miss out on some of the things that are a regular part of the social year for most towns.  So our mines put on a May Day Fair each year for the community.  They provide a bunch of rides for free, there are stalls, and some of the local community groups provide low-cost food.

We missed out on this last year because we'd only just moved here (as in, a few days earlier) and hadn't heard about it.  But one of our friends offered to take me and the Little Big Fella along this year (given that we're still car-less), and I'm so glad we got to go!

The Little Big Fella had a jump on the massive jumping castle, we went down the super slide (yes, I had to go with him and no, I don't like huge slides like that!), we had a drive on the dodgem cars (bumper cars), and the Little Big Fella discovered the kid's bumper boats.  He would have spent the whole day on those if he could have!!!  He also had a go on the merry-go-round, which is always one of his favourites, but the boats definitely won out this time :-D

So there you go, you're now up-to-date with what we've been up to, photographically speaking.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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