Wednesday, 8 May 2013


No!  Please!  No!!!!

After arriving safely home from our little rollover, the Little Big Fella proceeded to get rather sick with a cold.  He was particularly sooky and woke several times a night (read: about once an hour) for about 4 nights.

Being exhausted, I proceeded to get rather sick with a cold.  Fantastic!

But my cold seemed to be slightly different.

His was a little coughing, runny nose, sooky, need-my-mummy cold.

Mine was a stuffy nose, blocked sinuses, headache kind of cold.  I tried antihistamines, nasal sprays, steam therapy.  Nothing made a spot of difference.

Given that we're still car-less, I didn't even attempt to see a doctor and just lived through it.

Monday was the first time I was able to breathe for a few hours on my own.  Yesterday was pretty good too.  Today has been pretty much 100%.

The Little Big Fella went to bed a little early tonight.  No big deal - he had soccer this afternoon and had been playing for much of the day.

About an hour into sleep, I heard him making tiny little cries.  I listened and it stopped so I ignored it.

Just now he woke up crying and coughing a croup-y sounding cough.


After crying and not communicating for a few minutes I cracked it (mildly) at him, insisting that I needed him to tell me what was wrong (I'd been asking him specific questions with no response) so that I could do something that might actually help.

We eventually settled on some cough medicine and Neurofen.

He settled down a bit and I asked him a few more questions:

"Can you breathe through your nose?" 


"Does it hurt here? (Touching his sinus area)"


Internally, my immediate response was, "oh shit"!

Just this afternoon I was talking to his best friends' mum at soccer.  We'd both had the same high pressure sinus thing that nothing would help and we were thankful that the kids hadn't had it, imagining how painful it would be to nurse them through that.

Looks like I might be about to find out!

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