Monday, 13 May 2013


When the Big Fella and I were first dating and engaged, he decided that it was probably going to be the last opportunity he had for a while to splurge on me and buy me expensive jewelery.

So as well as my engagement ring, he bought me some diamond earrings and had a necklace made for me.

Well, when the Little Big Fella and I were in the motel room after the accident, I discovered that I'd lost one of my earrings.  I nearly lost that plot right then.  I mean, it's such a small thing really, but added to everything else  that had happened that day, plus the sentimental value of those particular earrings, it was just a bit too much.

I casually mentioned it to the Big Fella a day or so after we got home, trying not to make as big a deal of it as it felt to me.

The weekend that we returned the hire car, borrowing a friend's car to get home, we also stopped at the major shopping centre there to stock up.  As the Little Big Fella and I were wandering around, the Big Fella poked his nose into the jeweler's.  You guessed it!  He was looking at diamond earrings!

I nearly cried.  My husband knew that I loved those earrings, not because of their monetary value, but because they were a representation of him and his generosity and love.  And here he was, choosing exactly the ones I would have chosen (just like he did with my engagement ring, by the way).

I love my husband.

We didn't have the cash to buy them on the spot so the Big Fella paid a deposit, then asked if they clean rings.  My wedding and engagement rings haven't been cleaned in quite a while, and being "white gold" need to be re-plated every now and then.

So he had them send my rings off to be re-plated and cleaned as well.

We are still car-less so when we received the call the other day saying that all was ready to collect, I assumed it would still be a few weeks until we'd have the opportunity to go and get them.  But, no!  My Big Fella put our plight to the lady at the store and she offered to have her son drop them to us on his way through to the coast.

Guess what day they came through!  Mother's Day!  And they were beautifully boxed and wrapped.

So now I have a full set of clean, beautiful diamond jewelery again.  Aren't I a lucky girl???

Oh!  You want to see them?  Okay :-D

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