Friday, 3 May 2013


This is a catch-up post!  Yay!!!

I've been seriously floored with a head cold that won't let me breathe - even when I take anti-histamines, spray stuff up my nose and have a very hot, steamy shower.   Kind of makes it hard to think, and sleep (and therefore think), let alone write!

So, sorry about the delay (and lack of posts this past week or so).  Let's catch up!

The Big Fella's parents, Grandma and Grandpa, live two states away, but their families are in and around the capital of this state.  They tend to come up a couple of times a year, and this time they made the effort to come and see us in our new, semi-outback town.

(By the way, we've been here for a whole year tomorrow!)

While they were here, we decided to take them to our most notable attraction - a gorgeous waterfall in the hills we see on the other side of the highway.  It takes about 45 minutes to drive there, then almost an hour to walk in to the waterfall.

Given the possibility of a swim when we got there, the Little Big Fella had no complaints on the way in.

Unfortunately, it was rather chilly in the water (I couldn't even stand in it, it felt pretty much icy) so no swimming was enjoyed this time, but the views were great and we all enjoyed a bit of rock crawling.

The Big Fella's parents :-)

The Little Big Fella decided he needed Blue Bear on the trek.  You can tell by the lack of stuffing in his neck that he's well-loved :-D
Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the Little Big Fella was not keen to walk the hour back to the car.  So the Big Fella piggy-backed him up all 240 stairs!

I got to carry the Little Big Fella for short bursts along the track as well, but where it was pretty flat.

I have to take this moment to brag a little too, because I'm so proud of the changes I'm seeing from all the effort I've been putting in.

Last time we came to this waterfall, I remember having very little breath by the time I reached the top, and my butt was killing me!  But this time I got to the top, only just out of breath, and that was having run up and down a few sections so I could get some of these photos.  My butt was fi-ine :-D

Yay me!!!  And thank you to Holly and my online friends from Fit Yummy Mummy for helping me get to this level of strength and fitness!

This is the crossing on the way to the falls - gorgeous in its own right!
That evening we'd decided to go out for dinner.  So we took Grandma and Grandpa to the golf club, where the restaurant specialises in Thai food (as well as offering standard pub fare).  It was a really lovely evening with good conversation, good food, and a little bit of good drink.  We thoroughly enjoyed each others' company and felt content with the day's efforts :-)

The next morning the Big Fella had to go to work before the rest of us were even awake.  We had a nice, leisurely breakfast and Grandma and Grandpa started getting their things together so they could go on to their next stop.

But before they went we got to have a bit of a play with some giant bubble wands that Grandpa had brought for the Little Big Fella.

Here's Grandpa :-)

Grandma and the Little Big Fella enjoying the show :-)

Our "brave" dogs hiding under Grandma's feet :-}

Grandpa's pretty good at this!

My cheeky son pretending to be an astronaut?

Grandma's turn!

Why, Little Big Fella!  What a big bubble you have!!!

The Little Big Fella loves to hit the bubbles that are already floating in the air.  Because of the awesomeness of these bubble wands, he created a big one at the same time!
Eventually it had to happen - it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to leave.  Hugs and kisses all around and reminding all that we'll see each other in July, and then they were off.

Sometimes, living so far away from family really sucks.  Okay, most of the time.  But I'm so grateful for blogs, Facebook, mobile phones, Skype and all of the technology, as well as old-fashioned snail mail, that allows us to keep in touch with them and make the distance not feel so far... most of the time.  We love you all and can't wait to see you soon!!!

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