Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mowing: a pre-schooler's view

It's still relatively warm here so the grass is growing at a ridiculous rate!  I was a little excited because I finally got around to whipper snipping and mowing yesterday afternoon.

After whipper snipping (which had been held off because I couldn't find the cord - the Big Fella found it "hiding" in plain sight) the Little Big Fella decided that he wanted to mow all by himself.

The result was... amusing!

First of all, when you're a pre-schooler, you have to wear a costume!  Yesterday's costume of choice was Ironman.

Frankie decided to hang about, while the Little Big Fella didn't see any point in moving the trampoline.  You just change direction!

Oh!  It's such hard work!!!

Look how long the grass was!

Of course, when you're a pre-schooler there's no point in just going backwards and forwards.  There's so many other ways to go!!!

The advantage of having the grass so long though, is that your pre-schooler can see when he's missed bits, so he goes back and gets them.  Check out what a great job he did here!

Well, once this part was done, as well us up and down the sides of the house a few times, the Little Big Fella had had enough (fair enough really!) so Mummy got to take over.  I finished off this back area, and one side of the house, then...

ran out of fuel!!!

Of course, the fuel can was also empty and we're still car-less so we get to have crazy grass on one side of the house and out the front until I either have the opportunity to go into town or we get our new car.  Hopefully it'll provide a little amusement for some people in the meantime :-D

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