Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Too much?

Check out our fruit basket!!!

I LOVE fruit and veges!  Which is a good thing given that I'm attempting to consume 10 serves a day!!!

I'd hoped to make some soup today (the weather has been cold and disgusting and perfectly soupy) but didn't get to it.

The Little Big Fella and I did a workout this morning (he tried a couple of things then tried to get me to play with him while I was exercising - it was slightly amusing) then had a big kick of the blow-up soccer ball in the hallway.  The Big Fella is really keen to get the Little Big Fella into soccer this next term... well, keen for me to get him into it.

After a shower, we ended up going to the park to play.  I wore my gumboots (galoshes, wellingtons) because I'm sick of getting wet, muddy feet at the moment.

We had lunch then cleaned up a bit outside.  The dogs have been digging holes and there was dirt and mud everywhere, especially in the driveway, and it was all bugging me.  I also did some laundry, hanging two loads under the house and one on the line, even though I'm pretty sure it'll rain overnight.  I'm sick of having dirty laundry around the place - I'd much rather it hanging and getting wet again :-D

The Big Fella got home a bit after that and I tried to do a few things on the phone while he distracted our son.  I'm sure I've asked this question before, but why do kids insist on talking to you in their loudest voice when you're trying to talk on the phone???  I know, they want attention but sheesh!

I was going to call Centrelink but they said the wait would be around 90 minutes!!!  Yeah, that didn't happen!

And I cleared my e-mail box of its 100-ish e-mails, including unsubscribing from a bunch of things :-D

The Big Fella requested pizza (from the next town - and I'd have to go because he'd had a couple of beers) at 4pm but then fell asleep on the couch before I was ready to go.  So the Little Big Fella helped me make some gravy, cook some veges in it and then warm some leftover roast lamb in it too.  Num num!

Both the Fellas were in bed by about quarter past 7 so I've been on the computer reading other peoples' weight loss stories and feeling encouraged that I'm doing pretty well for my first week.

The Big Fella will be home for the next 5 days (unless he gets called in for work, which is possible on 1 or 2 days) so we'll be working in the yard and doing all kinds of bits and pieces.  Prepare for some stories of capering and hilarity (but hopefully not including bogging or falling in skips)!

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