Monday, 25 June 2012

Shopping is stressful!

We were invited to a playdate this morning and, even though it was outside and cold, we had a great time!  The Little Big Fella loved the dogs and chooks and played really nicely with the other kids.  And I really enjoyed hanging out with the other mums and talking about "stuff", walking around the garden (especially the vege garden) and just relaxing.  It was good!

This afternoon though...

I'm sure I've mentioned before that since we've moved here doing the food shopping with the Little Big Fella has been chaotic.  He wants to run around the store and basically behave badly the whole time.

It started at the post office.  Our post office closed at the start of the month so now we collect our mail from the next town.  I decided to collect the mail before doing the food shopping in case there was a long line.  There was a line and the Little Big Fella decided that he didn't want to listen to Mummy but wanted to run around the store and look at things and touch them.

After about a minute of this I picked him up and made him stay with me until we collected our mail.

He's heavy.

And squirmy.

And noisy and complaining.

When the mail arrives there's heaps of it!  Literally!  A couple of boxes, a couple of satchels and a bag full of letters.  We only collected the mail last Wednesday!  Guess that's what happens when you order stuff online :-D

The Big Fella had ordered some stuff for reloading bullets (he's quite enjoying the local gun range but ammo is a bit spensy so he's making his own).

And I'd ordered collars for the puppies and some stuff from Fly Lady.  I have a big feather duster that actually collects dust instead of just spreading it around the place!  And a water bottle that doesn't make everything around it wet through condensation!  (I know, it's the small things that amuse me.)

OH!  And I got an IKEA catalogue, which I'm yet to peruse but am so looking forward to :-D

When we left the post office it was raining so I decided to put the mail in the shopping trolley and just do the food shopping.

The Little Big Fella decided he'd sit in the trolley, which is fine with me because then he's not running and touching stuff.

It lasted for 3 aisles.

We got through to the end of the store and were about to collect our cold items before checking out when the Little Big Fella starts trying to go into the staff area.  Turns out he thought it was the loo.  So we leave the trolley and run through the store to the public toilets outside (me crossing everything in the hope that we'd make it in time!).  Thankfully, we made it!

Back into the supermarket to finish our shopping and the Little Big Fella was not listening and nearly ran into several people then backed into our trolley and bumped his head.  Sigh.

We eventually made it through the checkout and out to the car.  It was starting to rain so I got the Little Big Fella to jump up into his seat while I put the shopping in the car.  I took the trolley back, jumped in my seat, put my seatbelt on and was about to drive away when I realised I hadn't put his seatbelt on.

By this time it's raining.

I get out and run around the car, open his door and do him up then run back around to my seat without getting too wet.

As we're driving along the highway back to home I see something in my peripheral vision, just above my head.  I look up, already knowing what I'll see.  Yep, it's a spider.

Now, I'm driving at 100 along the highway so I have to make an important decision (after a mini moment of freaking out that there's a spider above my head).

Do I pull over or risk that I can squish the little bugger first time without it dropping onto me, causing panic and probably ending with me driving us off the road?

I decide to take the risk...

And I got him first time!!! :-D

You thought it was going to be just like in those old AAMI ads right?  The spider drops down on the girl's lap and she freaks and drives into a lake?  Nope!  Not today!  Today I am victorious!  Ha ha spider!  Take that!!!

(Can you tell I'm a little tired?)

We make it home safely and then I have the horrible job of putting everything away.  There are things about our kitchen that are not working for me yet and they all come to the fore when I unpack the shopping.

So after a crappy shopping trip I get to come home and fight to put everything where it goes.  I've also missed my workout for the day and I know I'm not going to fit it in anywhere else.  And I missed my afternoon snack so I'm just a tad cranky.

Thankfully Daddy was aware of what was happening and took the nagging little toddler into the office to watch the end of a movie with him, giving Mummy a chance to take her cranky pants off :-)

This evening I had the chance to talk to my Nanna too.  I'd loaded Skype on their computer when we were visiting earlier this month but she hadn't had a chance to try it yet.  Unfortunately it didn't work but we ended up having a chat on the phone anyway, which was great!  I miss her.

And just after the Big Fella went to work his mum Skyped us too.  So I've had some great family chats tonight.

But, once again, it is time for bed.  Goodnight!  And thanks so much for reading my blatherings :-)

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