Thursday, 21 June 2012

The pandanus is gone!

I've been finding it really hard to get to the computer these past few days thus the lack of posts.  Sorry!  :-)

Today we tackled the last part of our pandanus patch and now we have a garden bed!!!  (Here's the first and second parts of this story.)

So, here's what we started with:

And here's stage 2:

And here's where we got to today!

Thankfully it wasn't as big a task as the other two days, although the digging and forking the ground took quite a bit of effort!

The Big Fella decided to try to level the ground out a little when we were done.  We'd found a couple of heavy 4x4 wood pieces that we assume had been used as garden edging.  I'm pretty sure they're hardwood because they're heavy buggers!

Anyway, the Big Fella decided to tie a rope to it and drag it along the new garden bed to even it out a little.  He dragged it back and forth a couple of times but it wasn't heavy enough to do a lot.

So he tried to convince the Little Big Fella to sit on it while he dragged it but couldn't convince him (smart kid that one!).

What to do???

Get me on it of course!

So I sat on this log while the Big Fella dragged it.  Honestly, it would have made the funniest video you've ever seen but we didn't think of that at the time (sorry).

I'm bumping along on my butt, the Big Fella is pulling with all his might, and then (surprise, surprise) I fall off!  It was so funny (only because it didn't hurt)!

We have another go and I fall of the log the other way (I'm not even sure how that was possible to be honest)!

But it was effective!  We only had to rake out the dirt in a few places to even it all up and now we have the basis of a garden bed.

The plan is to add some local organic material (that would be horse or cow manure from up the road) and mix it in then get those banana palms in!!!


We might even extend the bed to the fence and put in paw paw (papaya), passionfruit and whatever other fruit and vegetables we feel like planting :-D

So there's a couple of happy (tired) campers at our place today.

The Big Fella also rigged up a brazier from a washing machine drum yesterday and tried to make a smoke house from a deep freezer today (it got a bit hot). Living in a small town with an unregulated tip is pretty cool :-D

Anyway, time to get off the computer and go spend some time with my hubby in front of a fire!

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