Sunday, 3 June 2012

Slippery, squelchy, mucky mud!

We decided to tackle the huge mess of pandanus along the back fence today.  Here's a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in:

That's it on the right of the photo.  Huge, messy and probably a snake haven.

So the Big Fella borrowed a machete and a cane knife and we attacked!

The last photo is how it is right now.  We've sprayed some poison and will let them dry out for a few days/weeks then burn what we can and dig the rest out.

The Big Fella did most of the chopping, although the Little Big Fella and I helped a bit at the start.  But then our job was to drive it all to the tip (rubbish dump for the non-Australians).

No probs!

First trip to the tip went smoothly.  Got everything out and into the big skip/dumpster and all is well.

On the way back I decided to go and check/collect some more rocks for the garden.  I pulled off the side of the road and then remembered... it rained last night!  Not just a little, but a lot!  The side of the road was a slippery, squelchy, muddy mess and I'd just driven into it!!!

Yep!  I was bogged!

First I attempted to drive out.  No good!

I got out of the car and walked around, trying to see if I could somehow drive myself out.  (Of course, I'd left my phone at home and the Big Fella wouldn't have heard his ring anyway because it was inside.)  I grabbed a couple of hand-sized rocks and jammed them under the tyres to attempt to provide traction.

Second attempt to drive out.  No good!

There were some fallen/chopped branches on the side of the road with lots of little leaves and twig-ends so I thought I'd put them under the tyres and see if that gave more traction.

Third attempt to drive out.  No good!

I was in the process of collecting more branches when a lovely couple drove by and stopped to see if I was okay.  I explained my predicament and they attempted to help me out.

While they were trying to help, another lovely couple was walking by.  He suggested that the first couple drive him to his place where he would grab his 4WD and snatch strap and come back and pull me out.

So off they went.

By this time I was feeling seriously embarrassed.  I mean, what kind of idiot pulls onto the side of the road when it's been as wet as it's been???

About 10 minutes later the 4WD arrives with the whole family and I realise that they served us at the Lion's Club dinner last night.  (Turns out the Big Fella actually works with the guy too.)  The snatch strap was unpacked (for the first time ever) and then we had to figure out how to attach it given that the tow ball was stolen from our car a while ago.  We ended up using the tow ball from the 4WD because they had somewhere else they could attach the strap.

A few minutes later we're out of the mud!  Yay!!!!  Besides overwhelming embarrassment, I'm SO glad it worked!

As we were packing up the strap a whole bunch of cars came by so no doubt the whole town knows what an idiot I am :-D

We got home safely and loaded up the next load of pandanus.  At the tip I'm unloading the branches into the skip.  I grabbed one of the long leafy straps to try to pull one part out but it wouldn't budge.  I put a bit more effort in and it broke!

Yep!  I ended up in the skip!

Seriously, I'm glad it was already half full of pandanus because otherwise I might not have been able to get out!  It's a BIG skip (the picture doesn't do it much justice - it's about 2 metres deep)!

Finished unloading then stopped by the bogging site to take a pic - just for you guys!

Don't you love how soft and squelchy it is???

The Big Fella got his chainsaw out and cut some branches off the Lilly Pilly tree in the corner of the yard and we did our last trip to the tip for the day... thankfully incident free :-D

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