Monday, 4 June 2012

I wonder if I'd go to jail...

It's cold tonight.  Probably going to get down to 4 or 5 degrees overnight.

We put the puppies out to bed at about 9:30 and made sure they had plenty of blankets and sleeping space (it appears Frankie has kicked Choccie out of the doghouse so I made sure she had a nice warm blanket to tuck into).

They barked and barked and barked.

I went out and put them back to bed (after a few stern words).

The Big Fella fell asleep and I was just nodding off when I hear a whole bunch of yelping!  I raced out of bed, dragging my slippers and a jumper on, and raced outside to see what was happening.

The two pups joyfully ran around to greet me while the dogs over the back fence bark at me because they think I've been hurting the pups.

Insert internal expletives.

I take the puppies back to bed and say goodnight.

Just about to fall asleep again when the yelping begins again.


I'm sure there's a conspiracy to stop me getting proper sleep!

I've started to wonder if the yelping is Frankie deciding that the dog house, with its blanket, AND the other blanket are his, therefore attacking Choccie so she has nowhere to sleep and is wandering around barking to keep herself warm or something.

I go into the shed and collect a large cardboard box, followed by two joyful little (not sleeping) puppies.  I take the box around to the sleeping space and put the blanket in (the box is sideways like a kennel).

Frankie decides they are both his.

I hold Choccie back and tell Frankie to go to bed.  He chooses the doghouse.  I put Choccie in the box and Frankie tries to have a little go at her.  I growl at Frankie and put him back in the doghouse then pat both dogs in their respective sleeping places.

I go back upstairs and realise that I am now completely awake so I do my online banking and write this post.

If the dogs bark again, I'd consider serious injury.  Can't you tell by the way I'm writing this post that I am not in my normal state of mind???  I wonder if I'd get off on a temporary insanity plea???

Note:  For those of you who might be worried, I wouldn't really hurt the dogs.  I am venting my frustration with an attempt at mild humour.

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