Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rain, friends and sleep


Today has been a funny day in some ways.

I went to bed way too late last night and went back to bed after breakfast this morning because I was falling asleep sitting up.

While the boys were watching a movie together I started going through my several boxes of memorabilia.  I have cards and letters, yearbooks, teddy bears and various gifts and bits and pieces and when we moved I didn't have a chance to go through them and see if anything needed to be tossed.

As I was reading through various cards and notes I realised that people have said some really lovely things about me in the past.  And while the life I live now is not the same in so many ways, I am still that person and their lovely comments are still valid and validating for me.

I realised that I haven't written heartfelt appreciation notes to people in a long time and I'd like to do that some more.  It feels good to be appreciated and there are so many people that I do appreciate!

I also re-felt the need to start giving my time and energy to others and the community again.  It's been a long time but I'm ready to give without feeling guilty if I don't, and I want to be an active participant in life here.

This afternoon the Little Big Fella and I were invited for a playdate with some friends from the park/playgroup.  It was really lovely to have a sit around and watch the kids play happily together.  The Little Big Fella mostly played on his own but I guess he'll make his way when he's ready.

As we were sitting out on the verandah (it's a great verandah too!), one of the bigger kids came running from the park saying that someone had cut their neck open.  Parents went running - one to the park, one with a phone, and one to the kid's parents to let them know what was happening.  The kids started scattering too so the rest of the adults shepherded them off the road and made sure they were all safe and not freaking out.

As far as I understand, the boy had a decent cut on the back of his head.  It bled a lot but he seemed to be basically okay, but possibly with concussion.  He was taken to hospital to get checked out.

It took a while for everyone to calm down after that - understandably.

While we were there it rained.  It rained pretty hard.  I was very glad I'd brought my big golf umbrella because when it was time to go the Little Big Fella and I huddled under it and walked together.  He had his gumboots on so wanted to "jump in muddy puddles" (thanks Peppa Pig!) so by the time we got home (about 400 metres maybe) we were both drenched!  :-D

I fed the Little Big Fella then sat down with a glass of red and some cheese and bikkies.  It's a great way to go after a walk in the rain :-D

This evening we all went to the Lion's Club changeover dinner.  We were on a table with some great people and it was a lovely evening.  There were some formalities of the night and I have to say they dragged out for an awfully long time!

The dinner started when the Little Big Fella would normally be going to bed so before we'd even finished our meal he was very ready to sleep.  At the last minute I'd put a thick blanket in my bag (love my big red bag!) so I folded it over, put it under a table on the side of the room and he lay down on it.  Within a few minutes he was asleep!

During the formalities they read out the purpose of the Lion's Club.  It is an impressive list covering individual, community and international goals.  And the contributions made by the three clubs that were meeting tonight over the past 12 months were really impressive!  It's a great organisation!

The Little Big Fella woke about three quarters through the evening and just wanted to lay down and go back to sleep but couldn't.  I tried to settle him but it wasn't working so I ended up leaving and bringing him home.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home - about a 2 minute drive by the time I started the car, drove home, opened the gate and shed and pulled in.  I guess he was tired :-)

Speaking of tired, I am!  So goodnight!  Thanks for reading and I will "see" you soon :-)

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