Friday, 15 June 2012

A day at home

Yay!  I feel like it's been forever but I finally had a day at home with no particular stress to do anything!  Of course, being a list person I had my own list, but there was no stress to do it all, or even any of it if the day turned out that way :-)

The Big Fella started work at 9 or 10 this morning (I actually can't remember which!) so my day started with breakfast for the three of us and ironing shirts.

I got the washing that's been sitting in baskets in the dining room folded and put away, a new load on the line and yesterday's load off and away.

I changed the Little Big Fella's sheets (he's trialing those flanny ones tonight mum).

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, which hasn't been tidy since we got home.

I got to epilate (kind of a combo between waxing and electric shaving) and wash my hair.

All the bins got emptied and the wheelie bin got washed out.

I've vacuumed the house.

I pulled a lot of weeds out of the lawn.

I did the first part of a craft project with the Little Big Fella (hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow).

And the little girl from next door came over to have a play... and stayed all afternoon :-)  It was great!  She and the Little Big Fella played really well together (although the dogs had had enough by the end of the day and Frankie growled any time the Little Big Fella came close enough to pat him), her mum had a chance to prep the house for visitors, and I spent time outside and just hanging around relaxing.

I really like my neighbours.  They're lovely and easy to get along with and they contribute to the community.  And a couple of times a week we'll have a chat over the fence that might turn into half an hour... or an hour and a half :-D  Really, we should just grab a cuppa and sit on a comfy couch though!

For the second night in a row the Little Big Fella has happily eaten his vegetables.  Our new secret is gravy!  He never used to like it but has suddenly decided he does.  And he even ate carrots, which used to make him gag every time.  Yay for the changing tastes of toddlers!

I got to sit down with my hubby tonight and have a scotch and watch some footy.  I love spending time with him - he's great company and can be immensely entertaining, even when doing something fairly mundane.

And I got to speak with my best friend on the phone tonight.  Although she wasn't having a great day, it was good to catch up a little.

So there you go!  A day in the life of this housewife (who is currently feeling happy with her achievements for the day and the relationships in her life).

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