Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Follow the instructions!!!

I was watering my herbs this morning and trying to think of something slightly interesting for dinner.  Looking at the parsley got me thinking I'd like to do some kind of sauce with parsley over chicken, and some veges on the side.

I pulled the chicken out to defrost and looked in our Stephanie Alexander cookbook.  Parsley, garlic and cream sauce... sounds perfect!  And I even had some cream in the fridge (yes, that is unusual around here).

So this afternoon I decided to pre-prep dinner.  I cut up the veges and put them in the Tupperware jug in the fridge so they could just go straight in the microwave.

Then I started the sauce.

Heated the garlic.  No worries.

Slipped the garlic from its skin.  Surprisingly, no worries.

Heated the cream with the garlic in it.  No worries.

Add the parsley and blend in small batches... well, I'd halved the recipe.  Surely this is a small batch?  Put the lid on the blender.  A quick pulse and...


Cream and parsley and garlic all over the kitchen!  Ew!

It was over the benchtop, the walls, the cupboards.

All over the coffee machine.

All over each banana.

All over the bag of mandarins.

All over the citrus and avocado.


I guess the lesson from this is to always follow the instructions :-D

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