Saturday, 23 June 2012

Indoors and disorganised

I'm so tired but I wanted to write a post first because I feel like I've been missing this part of my life lately, probably because it's part journal for me.

Today was wet and cold and we spent pretty much the whole day indoors.  That does not happen with the Little Big Fella!  But even he spent ages watching movies in his pj's!

By mid-afternoon though... he had energy to burn!  It started with playing "kicking" in the hallway with Daddy and the blow-up soccer ball (might need to get him into soccer next term).

Daddy had the brilliant idea of attacking Mummy and tickling her.  This, of course, ends in tears after a while (yes, I'm rolling my eyes).

The Little Big Fella was introduced to the deliciousness that is fruit dipped in hazelnut/chocolate spread!!!  He got it all over his face and pj's and had the biggest smile about it :-D

And this evening the Little Big Fella and I sat on the couch after dinner to watch "Babe" (the Big Fella's at work).  He had cold feet so we put the blanket on him and he lay down and fell asleep, snoring just like Daddy does on the couch :-)  It was kind of sweet.

I'm feeling the desperate need to get a few more things organised around here.

I need to set up a routine that works for us because the lack of it is making some things really tricky.  Eating in particular.  The Little Big Fella asks for "something to eat" all the time so we need to at least set regular eating times.

The office is driving me nuts too.  The final 9 moving boxes are sitting in here waiting to be dealt with and getting in the way of this room being useful.

Right-o!  There's probably more to say but I'm going to bed because my head is full and tired.  (I'm hoping this post makes sense...)

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