Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What a week!

Sorry I've been so absent - it's been a tad busy around here!

We decided that we needed to go back to our old town to collect the rest of our belongings (they'd been stored with my grandparents but they'd mentioned they wanted the space back).  The Big Fella had days off and, amazingly, wasn't called in to work them, so he got to come too!  I was so grateful for that because we ended up towing a big, heavy car trailer and I've never towed before so I was a little nervous about the possibility.

But before we left, we had a playdate last Monday, a luncheon/cent sale on Tuesday, I can't remember what happened Wednesday, Thursday or Friday but I know we were busy (shopping was probably included somewhere there), Saturday we had the puppies micro-chipped and registered with council, and Sunday we were busy preparing to travel and having a mini playdate with friends who ended up feeding and playing with our puppies while we were away.  Oh!  And we visited (for a few hours) the people whose trailer we were borrowing.  (Who said country living is quiet and dull???)

I feel like I've been running around, almost headless chicken-ish, for a week!

Anyway, we ended up leaving at 3am on Monday to drive to the "old" town.  We'd expected a whole lot of roadworks and that the trip would take at least 9 hours.  We got there at 9:30am!  Yay!  It was such an easy trip (says she who slept for a couple of hours of it)!

Unfortunately we just missed my Nanna by about 15 minutes (she had to travel to get a medical procedure done) but we got to spend several hours with my Poppy, and the Big Fella got the car and trailer packed before lunch!  It was great!

The Big Fella stayed with Poppy for the afternoon and had a little chill-out time (they're really good friends).  The Little Big Fella and I went shopping at Aldi and Bunnings.  Happy sigh!  I love Aldi and I love Bunnings and I seriously miss them both!  Because the car was already packed, and the trailer was still at Poppy's I had to be so restrained with my shopping!  I mostly wanted to buy plants and things for our gardens because our yard is so dull and empty.  But I guess I'll have to do a purpose trip or two to a Bunnings closer to home over the next few months.  Bummer :-D

After shopping we went to my sister's place.  I can't believe how big and adorable my nephews have gotten in 5 or 6 weeks!!!  Especially the youngest - he has gotten even more good-looking!  I didn't know that was even possible!

I felt like I didn't get to spend any real time with them though because I had to run out and check in at our accommodation, collect the Big Fella and Poppy, and then go get the pizzas for us all to share for dinner.  An hour or so later I was back at my sister's eating with everyone.

Dinner was rather entertaining.

My oldest nephew decided that fake laughing was the best thing for the night and kept it up for about 15 minutes or so.  The fake laughing turned into real laughing several times, and the other two boys joined in throughout.

Have you ever watched kids laughing?  Fake or real you can't help but smile.

And my youngest nephew, who just recently turned 1, was watching the other two fake laughing and obviously decided it looked like fun so he joined in with his big cheesey grinny laugh.  It was pure, lovely, entertaining fun.

Until we all got sick of it and my brother-in-law told my oldest nephew to stop :-)

We left fairly early because we had to take Poppy home and the Little Big Fella was exhausted by this stage (he did wake up about 2:30am after all) and was getting a bit out of control.  Unsurprisingly, he was asleep before we got to our accommodation.

The next morning we had breakfast with Poppy and a little bit of hang-out time then headed back home.  The drive home was long (the roadworks were back on at several places) but good.  The Little Big Fella was a terrible traveller when he was young but he has been so good!  We were so proud of him and so impressed with the changes in him and how much he's grown up already.

When we got home the people who fed and played with the puppies came by (we didn't know when we'd be home so we'd arranged for them to do last night as well, just in case).  We had a good little chat and the kids had a bit of a play.  We're definitely going to need to set up a playdate soon!

And today has been full-on with shopping, cooking, playgroup, washing, putting stuff away and State of Origin (that big footy game - there's 3 of them and this is game 2).


Today is my Dad's birthday so I got to talk to him on the phone for a little while too.  I'll tell you a bit more about him in another post in the near future because he deserves more than a passing mention :-)

So, unsurprisingly I guess, I'm a little tired.  I'm hoping to be awake enough to talk to my best friend tonight... it might be a shorter than normal conversation :-s

Thanks for keeping with me despite my week-long blogging absence!

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