Friday, 10 August 2012

Tired, fitness, community

Turns out I was tired!  Really tired!  Because I went to bed early last night (somewhere between 9:30 and 10) and didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning!!!  When I think back to the start of the year where 4:30 and 5am were normal starts to the day, 8:30 feels like an absolute extravagance!

I've been really good at doing my workouts this week (I've been doing the Fit Yummy Mummy program for almost 7 weeks) and I'm much better with my "clean eating" this week than last week, where I totally bombed out.  You know my favourite thing about it so far?  I like the food, and I like that I only need to workout for 15 minutes a day, but my favourite thing is the reaction of my husband.  Sure, he appreciates my changing body (I know you all went there first!), but he tells me I inspire him and that is very cool!

As a stay-at-home-mum I don't often feel very inspirational: how inspiring is it to do the dishes again, and do the laundry again, and clean up the mess from the dog/child/husband again, and keep the shopping in budget?  But to inspire my husband, who I love and respect and find inspirational in so many ways, yeah, I really like that!

I am a little worried though.  It was warm yesterday so I put on a pair of shorts that I wore last summer (and were getting close to too tight).  They're rather loose... actually, they're on the verge of baggy!  So my worry is that I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe for summer or else I'm just going to look daggy baggy all season!!!  Damn!!! ;-)

Okay, moving on from bragging (actually, I'm just really proud of how I'm going and sometimes it's hard to not share).

The Big Fella started his train driver tests today.  Back in October last year he started the "school" and passed that in April this year.  He has been working with a tutor driver since then, as a Driver Assistant.  But, assuming he passes this set of tests this weekend, he will be a fully qualified train driver.  It's very exciting (actually, apparently the testing is very boring so far, but the potential results are exciting).

The Little Big Fella and I went on a couple of bike rides today.  I don't know that I would really call it bike riding though.  I would call it "is it possible to ride any slower and can we go further than 5 metres without stopping?".  Needless to say, I was a little frustrated.  But the Little Big Fella loves it so I went with him.

The good thing about the bike ride this morning was that we stopped and talked to a few friends along the way, and ended up spending an hour or so with some new friends that we've only met once or twice before.  Turns out we get along pretty well :-)

I love the small community here.  There are so many families with young children and it just creates an awesome atmosphere.  It's safe enough that there were about 20 kids at the park this afternoon with me as the only adult (there were other parents in nearby houses but I was the only one physically there for about 20 minutes).  And yesterday one parent brought her kids and another family's kids to the park so the other parent could have a break to do a few things.  And that kind of thing is common.

After our sudden-hit of illness last week, where I discovered we had no Neurofen for kids or cough medicine or anything of that kind, almost every mum I ran into over the next few days mentioned that they had a store of it at home and I could have just called them.  I'd never even thought to call anyone here because I'm so used to living independently.  But here, because of the size of the town and the distance to medical help, everyone is prepared for the worst and willing to help and share.

That's what I was hoping it would be like here too!  I was so hoping it would be a close but open community.  I was hoping people would keep an eye out on everyone else's kids.  I was hoping to be welcomed easily, despite existing friendships.  And it is like that here and I am so grateful!

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