Friday, 3 August 2012

Request denied!

Before I had my son, I pretty much took it for granted that I could sleep whenever I wanted to.  If I went to bed at 10:30, I'd probably be asleep by 11 and it would be unusual for me to wake up before my alarm at, say, 7.  Eight hours sleep, pretty much guaranteed.

Even now that the Little Big Fella mostly sleeps through, it's unusual for me to get an uninterrupted night of sleep.  Add any illness, change in weather, odd food, over-full bladders, and a shift working husband, and the likelihood of a full night of sleep is pretty low.

It feels like I have to fill out a request form every night before I go to bed: Please can I have a full night of sleep?

Request denied!

And, of course, every time you're most desperate for a big sleep it won't happen.

The Little Big Fella has been sick this week with a cold, so he's been coughing and crying, and (this is a little odd) wetting his bed.  Then, surprise, surprise, I came down with it yesterday afternoon.

By the time we ate dinner at 6pm, I was just about falling asleep at the table.  The Big Fella was already at work so I couldn't just slink off to bed.

I went and had a hot shower while the Little Big Fella finished eating then showered him and put him to bed.  He didn't fall asleep until about 8:30.

Request denied!

I went to bed and guess what!  I couldn't go to sleep!!!  Gah!!!!!

I think I finally fell asleep a bit after 9 and got 3 glorious hours of deep sleep.

Request denied!

About midnight all the dogs in the neighbourhood started barking, ours included.  I yelled at them to go to sleep but they ignored me, which normally means something is in the yard.  So I drag my sorry self out of bed and put a warm jacket on because I know it's cold outside.

The dogs are still barking so I yell at them and they come to me, hoping to be allowed inside.

Request denied!

Then I see a couple of people hanging out across the road next to the horse paddock.  Thanks very much folks.

Eventually they move on and the dogs stop trying to bark.

When I go inside I realise the Big Fella will be home from work soon so when I get back in bed, my brain won't let me sleep because it's too busy listening out for him.

Request denied!

Eventually I hear him come home and fall into deep sleep again... until he comes to bed an hour or so later and is absolutely frozen!  The house was fairly cool and he sat on the couch watching the Olympics for a while, without turning on the heater or putting a blanket over him.  So I was awake for another half hour or so trying to warm him up.  In hindsight, I should have sent him off for a hot shower or hot water bottle!!! ;-)

Asleep again?

Request denied!

The Little Big Fella wakes up with a nightmare at about 4am, then gets a nice coughing fit going on because he was crying.  I'm not allowed to leave or give him anything to try to stop the coughing so I get the spare doona and wrap myself up because I'm cold by this stage.  Eventually he falls asleep (about 45 minutes later) and I'm allowed to go back to bed, which by this time is cold.

Sleep?  Request denied!

I lay there for at least half an hour trying to warm myself and my side of the bed up before finally falling asleep again for a couple of hours.

So, I'm putting in my request early today.  I have a really good reason to need sleep tonight!  I've looked after myself all day and I just need a good sleep to help my body repair itself.  Please???

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