Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Choices, choices, choices

Oh. My. Goodness!!!

I did jumping lunges yesterday as part of my workout and last night and today my butt has been in agony!!!  If I sit still for more than a couple of minutes I get up and walk like a cripple!!!

But tomorrow I'm sure I'll be fine again and my muscles will be that little bit more lean, and my metabolism will be kicking into the next gear.

My next weigh and measure is this coming Sunday.  I'm not as excited as I was the first time around because I haven't eaten very well this month, and I skipped workouts while I was sick, but I'll still be interested to see the results.

You know, it makes the world of difference when you wake up in a good mood.  Today has been a good mood day, and it started out that way.  I'm pretty sure having enough sleep has a lot to do with it.  But also the Big Fella was home for most of the morning today, after working 8 to 6 the last few days.  And having him around (and not sleeping) for part of the day certainly makes me feel better.

I think the main reason is that being fully responsible for the Little Big Fella, 24/7, gets a little wearing.  So sharing that responsibility, even for a few hours a day, seems to relieve the pressure.  And if I get a bit of time totally to myself, well, that's just an amazing gift!

We've had a few tradesmen come through the house over the last week.  We rent the house from the Big Fella's employer, and they have decided that our house needs new flooring, a new kitchen, and fresh paint.  Bummer! ;-)  Obviously, I'm really excited about this.  Especially the floors and paint because there are holes and marks on the floors throughout the house, and the paint has bumps and holes and peeling parts in every room.

So this morning a guy came through to measure for flooring.  He also brought samples for us to choose what we'd like - linoleum and carpet.  We had the time it took to measure the house (with a neat little electronic tool - no fighting with tapes here!) to decide the colours of our floor coverings.

Talk about pressure!!!

This is the first time I've ever had to choose anything for a house.  The Big Fella built a house with his first wife and they had to choose everything, so, as a reaction to that experience he was particularly unhelpful (he was also getting ready for work so was somewhat distracted as well).

We ended up choosing a fake slate for the lino, and a dark blue (with speckles of other colours) for the carpet.  When I put the samples on the floor and against our furniture, I was happy with the choice.  But I'm worried it's going to be too dark and make the place feel even smaller than it is.  But it's too late to change it anyway!  I'm hoping the light colours on the walls and window furnishings will help balance out the darkness of the floorings.

We also had a guy come and measure the kitchen this morning.  I asked him if they were just replacing the benchtops and cupboards, but he said they're doing a whole kitchen.  I asked if we'd get a double sink (we haven't had one in over 6 years and it makes doing dishes such a pain!!!), and he said at least a 1.5 sink, or whatever will fit.  YAY!!!!!

Apparently all the quotes have to be in by the end of the month and they're expecting work to start by the start of next month, and be completed by January.  They're doing lots of houses around town as well so it might take until January for them to do ours, but I'm excited (can you tell???).

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