Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Birthday? So what!

When I went to bed last night, exhausted almost to the point of collapse (the Little Big Fella had been hard work), the last thing the Big Fella said to me was something about it being my birthday tomorrow.

In typical melancholy style, I looked around and saw the dishes all over the kitchen, thought of the washing that needed doing and the toddler who would need my attention and thought, "what's so good about having a birthday as an adult anyway?"

I knew what my present was and, despite requesting it, doubted that it would be wrapped or that there would be a card (oh ye of little faith).

I knew there would be no cake unless I made it (although, I'd rather some fruit and yoghurt anyway).

And I knew that the main responsibility of caring for our son would be mine.

What's the point?  What is it that makes a birthday different to any other day of the year, now that I'm an adult and a mum?

And with that depressing thought I went to sleep.

I woke early this morning (early equals before 7 these days, which is awesome compared to the 4:30/5am starts I was getting at the start of the year!), crept into the kitchen and made some breakfast (ignoring the dishes that were still all over the place) and crept back to the office to catch up on some blog reading and such.

I got a whole hour to myself!

For those of you that didn't catch that (or the fact that it's a big deal) I'll repeat it.  I got a whole hour to myself!!!

The Little Big Fella didn't wake up until just before 8!  I got a whole hour to read and type and do whatever without interruption!!!  Amazing!  And just what the doctor ordered.

When the Little Big Fella did wake up, he didn't get up straight away, but put his DVD player on and watched a little bit of Tigger and Pooh so I got myself ready and went downstairs for a workout.  Although I had a couple of interruptions, I got my workout done (and worked hard I have to say) then came up to find the Big Fella awake and asking for a coffee.

I looked at the time and realised we were going to be late for Music Makers.  I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago - it's a class for pre-school kids and they're learning various musical terms, using various instruments and a microphone, and doing some basic dance/coordination moves.  Yesterday I'd asked the Little Big Fella if he wanted to go to playgroup or Music Makers and he emphatically chose Music Makers so that's where we went today.

On our way out of town (Music Makers is in the town 15 minutes away) we stopped at the "post office" (the CWA hall) and collected the mail.  Yay!  A parcel from my in-laws (a ballet-based workout DVD - I'm looking forward to checking that out), and a card and cheque from my Oma-in-law.  You know, I love modern modes of communication like e-mail and Facebook.  But I love getting stuff in the mail!  It may be because anything in the mail that isn't a bill is normally fun, or it might go back to childhood and the rarity of getting anything in the mail at all, but whatever it is, I love it!

The Little Big Fella got nervous as soon as he saw the other kids at Music Makers.  But we went in and again I got to sit on the floor with his heavy butt on my lap.  Seriously, he's getting really heavy and my ankle bones were being squished on the wooden floor!!!

He was all shy and only kind of participating until about half way through when he said he wanted to go.  You bet I rolled my eyes!  I told him the class wasn't finished and we couldn't go until it was done and he cracked the sads and went and sat on the chair on the side.  Sigh.  I tried to talk him in to joining everyone again but it wasn't going to happen.  I didn't think it was ultimately a good idea to "make" him so I let him be and about 5 minutes later he was ready to re-join the class.  And he really joined in this time.  He danced and played and talked in the microphone.  The silly thing is that I think he loves it, but his shyness beats him to start with.  But he's always been shy in new places and with new people so we'll just give him time to settle in and see what happens.

Last time we did the shopping I'd promised the Little Big Fella that we could go to the new park he'd spotted across the road from the supermarket.  He reminded me after Music Makers, and because we didn't have a schedule to keep I agreed we could go.  Unfortunately, the swing seats were too hot - black rubber in the direct sunlight is a good recipe for burned bum!  So we wandered around but he'd lost a little enthusiasm.

My sister and nephews happened to call just then so we all had a chat until my nephews started losing the plot and needed to go to bed for a nap.

Next was some shopping then home again, home again, jiggety jig!

On the way home my Nanna called so we had a little chat to her too.

When we got home the Big Fella had obviously spent a fair portion of the morning cleaning up.  The kitchen was clean and lots of things had been put away.  And there on the coffee table was a beautifully wrapped present!  Wrapped in paper that the Little Big Fella had painted a few weeks ago!  And a card with some lovely things written in it by the Big Fella, and he'd helped the Little Big Fella write in it too!  If we did brownie points in our house, the Big Fella would have had a basket full for that!  Instead he had to put up with hugs and kisses and thank yous and some pretty impressive gratitude :-)

He then suggested that we contact everyone and invite them to the local pub for a drink or two in the late afternoon, his shout.  So the texts and Facebook message went out and just before 4 we headed off.  (Oh!  In the meantime we'd also made some pepperoni!  More on that in a future post.)

We'd intended to be at the pub for about an hour or so.  But, see, when people are around and everyone is having a good time it's no fun to quit!  So we stayed... and stayed... and stayed... and had dinner :-D  I had a great time talking to some of the girls that I've met here, even talking about some non-mum topics!  The Big Fella had a great time talking to some of the guys that were around the place, including the new bar manager and the kitchen staff.  And the Little Big Fella had fun playing really nicely (mostly) with his friends, and talking to the poor man playing the pokies who got to explain that toys don't come out of those machines before we pulled him away.

Oh!  And the Little Big Fella got to have a whole can of Coke for the first time ever!  Occasionally he gets the dregs of the can from the Big Fella, but he rarely has soft drink (soda/pop) at all, let alone a whole can of Coke.  Thankfully there were other kids there to play with or the afternoon/evening would have taken a completely different turn!

Eventually we left the pub and dropped in on some friends on the way home (the Big Fella had borrowed a mincer for his pepperoni).  By this time the Little Big Fella was starting to come down from his Coke high so we headed home pretty quickly.

And since then I've had the chance to talk to my youngest sister and my parents on the phone too.  I miss my family, but talking to them on the phone is so much better than nothing!  (I'm getting all teary!)

So my day, which yesterday looked like it was going to be the same as any other day (or worse) turned out to be lots of fun, with lots of little surprises, and I felt special and like my being in the world is worth all the pain my mum went through.  And I guess that's the point of a birthday for me as an adult.  It's not about presents, or even a party like it was as a kid.  It's about contact with people who think you're special and take the time to let you know, in both big and small ways.  And if you get to spend time with those people, that's even better!!!

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