Monday, 13 August 2012

Life, love and the end of it all

I've watched a couple of movies over the past few days, and had a couple of conversations that have got me thinking about the big issues: life, love and death.

What's the meaning of life?  What makes a good life?
Is love the most important thing?  And if so, what does that look like?
What happens when you die?  What does it feel like?  And how come some people seem quite ready to go, while others are hanging on with every ounce of effort they have?

See?  The big issues!

And I'm not even going to attempt to answer any of those questions here because I suspect the answers are either unobtainable or completely individual.

But, because I have a blog, and because this is what I've been contemplating, I'll do a little bit of blurting and processing and see what we come up with :-D

We watched "Meet Joe Black" the other night.  I love that movie!  I love the concept of it, I love "death"'s naive, semi-vulnerable character, I love the presentation of the big themes of life.  I love the way they present the concept of a striking love that lasts a lifetime, where each knows the worst of the other and is still happy to hang around.

Which reminded me of a scene in "Good Will Hunting" where Robin Williams' character is recalling his dead wife.  He remembers all the odd, quirky habits that made her unique, and these were the things that he missed most about her.

Which got me thinking about the quirkiness of my husband and son.

The Big Fella snores... and I love it!  When we first got married I remember laying in bed next to him (weird concept, but we didn't sleep together until then) and trying to stifle my laughter as I listened to the unique rhythm of his breathing.  I love it!

I love the way he responds to books and movies.  I love his insatiable appetite for knowledge, and that his integrity and character mean I can trust him with my heart and my life.

I fell in love with my son the moment he was born (which is lucky for both of us or we might not have survived those first few years).  I'd never believed in the concept of love at first sight until then.  And I know not everyone has that experience.  But ever since that moment I have been privileged to discover my amazing Little Big Fella's quirks and personality.  I'm learning that, like his dad, he's not a follower.  He has a fantastic sense of humour.  He's a little bit precocious.  He is imaginative and sensitive and such a boy!

I am so privileged to have amazing people in my life!  Not just my boys, but friends (old and new) and family.

We watched "Eat, Pray, Love" this evening.  My favourite part of the movie is when she's in Italy because she experiences the amazing phenomena of friendship and family.  I am seriously lucky to have grown up in a wonderful family!  I am the oldest of four children and my parents are still together and very much in love, as are my grandparents.  My parents worked really hard to make sure we spoke to, and treated each other with respect.  Yep, we fought like siblings do, but we have always loved each other, and the impact of growing up in that environment is indescribable!

I also grew up in the church, which, for me was an extension of my family.  They supported and challenged me.  We had a lot of fun times together.  And every time we moved towns, the church was like an instant family wherever we went.

For me, life seems to be about people and your relationships with them.  When people get close to death, they seem to want to spend as much time as they can with the people they love.  And I'm guessing the more people you love, or the more you've invested in those relationships, the happier your life is and the more content you'll be when it comes to an end.

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