Sunday, 19 August 2012

Out of time!!!

This is going to be an annoyingly short post.  I'm really sorry!  I want to tell you about the last couple of days, including an overnight visit from the Big Fella's Aunt and Uncle, helping a friend out with cutting her son's hair, collecting eggs from the Big Fella's trainer's house, and some other little funny bits and pieces of our daily life.

But, alas!  We're going away for three or four days and I still have to pack, do the dishes, and get myself ready for our 5 or 6am start, and it's already 10pm!  Sigh!

So, you'll have to wait in painful anticipation until our return, and on Thursday (or Friday, depending on a few things) I'll update you on the whole lot and completely satisfy your curiosity about what's been happening and what's about to happen!!!

Until then my friends!!!

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