Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spontaneous road trip

Have I ever mentioned that the Big Fella is a spontaneous kind of guy?  Having a kid has squashed that in some ways, but not entirely...

On Monday I got up, did breakfast and a workout and showered before the Big Fella woke up at 10.  When he did wake up we were having a chat about what we needed to do for the day and I mentioned that I needed to go and buy some meat because food seemed to have magically disappeared from the freezer!  But our local butcher and supermarket are particularly uninspiring, either because of the quality, selection or price.

The Big Fella looks at me, with a little twinkle in his eye (no, not that kind of twinkle!!!), and suggests that we drive 2 hours to a very popular and highly recommended butcher.  I think for a minute and say okay, and while we're there we can stop at Spotlight (fabric store).  And he says, yeah, and Bunnings (hardware store)!

So he gets up and showers, I get the Little Big Fella ready and grab some healthy food options and water and we were away before 11.

The bad thing about spontaneity is that you forget stuff... like entertainment for the toddler (oops!).  He did really well though, happily looking around and having a little nap on the way there.  But on the way home he was over being in the car, and his portable DVD player, magnetic drawing board, or a couple of toys would have been really handy.

It was a fun day though.  I've never actually been to that town so it was good to see what was there and where.  I've decided if I go there to clothes shop though, I'll be going without the Little Big Fella because he'd just hate it too much.

I got some fabric to make shorts and t-shirts for the Little Big Fella, and we discovered Toyworld next to Spotlight so the boys went for a little visit while I finished my shopping there.  The Big Fella decided to buy the Little Big Fella a remote control helicopter and it became the bane of our existence for the day!  As soon as we were in the car, "can I have my helicopter now?" "No honey, it's all stuck in its box and it doesn't have any batteries yet." By the time we got to Bunnings (a couple of kilometres down the road) we'd decided to get the remote control out and he could play with that.

I love Bunnings!  Even just wandering around is so much fun :-D  I looked at seed packets and tools and outdoor settings and storage items.  Happy sigh :-D

Then came the butcher.  It's the strangest butcher I've ever been to because it is just like a supermarket!  Not quite as big, but set up the same way.  We ended up with a trolley full of meat (lucky we have a big esky right?), including plenty for meals and all kinds of jerky, sausages and salamis, and all kinds of meat products that the Big Fella has already started.  It smells good in our downstairs fridge and the freezer is full :-D

On the way home we stopped for noodles in a box and some fuel and randomly ran into some guys from the Big Fella's work who'd broken down (wrong fuel in the car).  We did a little re-shuffle and ended up bringing one of the three back with us.

It felt like a long trip home, mostly because the Little Big Fella was bored and sick of the car by this stage.  Instead of "are we there yet?" we got into a little routine of "can you see Bluff yet Mummy?", "no, what will we do?", "I don't know", "we'll have to keep driving".  It was a bit of fun but I'm glad it only lasted for about 15 minutes :-D

Oh!  And the day before, I have to tell you a little bit about that too!

The Big Fella was working overnight but had made arrangements to help a guy put a verandah extension on his shed in the afternoon.  The Little Big Fella and I went over too, just for a bit of a visit.  After a while we decided to go home, but the Little Big Fella decided he wanted to ride his bike, and he was rather insistent.  So I walked/jogged/ran with him.  Safe to say I'm getting better because the walk/jog/run didn't have any disadvantageous effects on me ;-)

We made it to the park and he had a little play then he decided he wanted to take the longer way home and go past the chickens.  But before we got to the chickens, we saw some kids playing out the front of their place (we'd been to a birthday party there a week or so ago) and they invited Dan in to play.

So I ended up sitting out front and talking with the parents for a couple of hours, which was really great!

But then I got a call from the lady at the house where the Big Fella was working.  She'd come around to pick us up for afternoon drinks but we weren't there (this was after I'd received a call from my little sister, whose birthday it was and I'd been trying to get a hold of her all day).  So we headed home, got changed (the sun was going down and it was starting to get cold) and went back.  We ended up having dinner there and the Little Big Fella was exhausted and fell asleep in my arms.  Man he's getting heavy!!!!

So two big days in a row!  Thankfully yesterday was a pretty quiet one :-)

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