Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sun damage and stubborness

We've had a big couple of days around here!  Yesterday was filled with an early start, playgroup and a trip to our nearest major town (an hour away).  And today included a Nutrimetics party at a friends' place, a bit of housework, a movie and a big play at the park.

Our little peep-peeps are growing quickly and quite enjoying the time they get outside in their chook yard.  Unfortunately, because they are so young and the chook yard has no roof, and the fencing is a little too widely spaced so they could get through it, they don't get to go out there alone so they only get 15-30 minutes outside at this stage.  We're considering an alternative to their current box so that they can be out in the chook yard by themselves and still be safe.

At the Nutrimetics party today the consultant had an ultra-violet box that shows the condition of your skin.  I have some pretty serious sun damage, which on the one hand was surprising, and on the other a bit obvious.  I mean, the Little Big Fella and I are outside pretty much every day unless it's raining and I've gotten out of the habit of using sunscreen.  It was a bit confronting though.

The main reason for our shopping adventure yesterday was to get a new bike helmet for the Little Big Fella.  His old one fell apart - the plastic covers came off - and then the dogs chewed on the styrofoam shell.  The best place to get a helmet was the toy shop so the Little Big Fella was seriously distracted!  Eventually we got him to focus enough to choose a helmet.  He chose a Bumblebee (from Transformers) helmet.

The Big Fella was not impressed!  See, when the Little Big Fella tried it on, the helmet, which is shaped like a car, looked SO odd on top of his head!  The Big Fella tried to encourage him to a different, more plain helmet but the Little Big Fella was adamant!!!  He wanted this one!  In the end I had to convince the Big Fella that the Little Big Fella had decided on what he wanted and, as we'd given him the choice, we should go with what he'd decided.

This afternoon the Little Big Fella wore his new helmet to the park and all the kids thought his helmet was cool!

My son has a fairly strong temperament.  This is a constant source of clashes between us and I have to decide what's worth fighting for almost every day.  But the thing that encourages me is that he is more likely to be a leader than a follower and less likely to be swayed by peer pressure.  That makes me proud!

Not that I had much to do with that part of his personality - that has the Big Fella written all over it :-D

The Big Fella has 3 days off starting tomorrow so it's likely to be busy around here :-D  I wonder what we'll get up to next???

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