Monday, 17 September 2012

Photo catch up!

Yay!  I love photo catch up posts!

I was going through my phone photos and decided that there are a few that you guys might like to see :-)  So here we go!

The Little Big Fella needed a new helmet because the dogs chewed his other one to pieces (yes, I'm rolling my eyes!).  So we went to the nearest "big" town and found a shop that sells them.  I think I mentioned our visit in this post.  The Big Fella thought it looked ridiculous, the Little Big Fella was determined that this was the one he wanted.  The Little Big Fella won :-)

The chickens when we first brought them home.

The chickens hanging out in the chook house.
Our chickens are growing!  We've started putting them outside in the chicken house during the day and they seem to love it.  We did have them running around in the chicken yard but they're still pretty small and got through the fence!  There's also a gap at the back of the chicken house and I think a couple of them fell through it the other day because they were under the chicken house when I went to check on them.  I've since put a block there so they can't fall down.

This afternoon, I was weeding the vege garden and looked over to see the Little Big Fella inside the chook house with the chickens!!!  I'm not really sure how he got in there because the door space is pretty small!  The poor chickens were a little freaked out.

Later on in the day though, he was sitting on the little landing and had one of them perched on his hand quite happily.  Those chooks are going to be quite used to being handled!!!

The dogs, Frankie (the black male) and Choccie (the brown female), desperately want to play with the chickens!  Here they are eagerly hoping to be allowed into the chicken yard :-)  They have actually "met" the chickens but until the chooks are bigger, it's definitely a case of separation!!!

And finally, I've been having some delicious meals so I thought I'd share them with you too :-)  As I've said before, I'm doing Fit Yummy Mummy and the main focus with food is to have a protein (lean meat, legumes, eggs etc) and produce (fruit and vegetables) every time you eat.

Breakfast the other day was a bunch of yummy, fresh veges cooked in the frypan (just with spray oil), then crack a couple of eggs in, season and add a bit of fresh herbs or chilli.  Instead of mixing it all up in a mess to cook it, I finished this one off under the grill.  Mmmmmmmm!

This was my "snack plate" lunch the other day... it got a little out of control!  A bit of smoked pork, some cheese, leftover steamed veges and some fresh veges.  SO filling and the green beans were amazing because they were so fresh!

This was today's lunch.  A wholegrain wrap with salad and more of that delicious smoked pork (thanks honey!) with a little dijonnaise.  I had a little trouble wrapping it up but no trouble eating it :-D

And finally, tonight's dinner, courtesy of Delicious magazine!  It's spicy meatballs in tomato sauce with a "little" side salad (it's funny how my "little" salads keep growing until they take over the plate!).  The meatballs were made with some garlic, parsley, rosemary and pancetta, as well as the mince, tomato paste and egg.  It tasted amazing and would go well on pasta or garlicky toasted sourdough!

So there you go!  A few little bits and pieces from the last week-ish.  Hope you enjoyed it :-)

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