Saturday, 29 September 2012

Random trucks, paint and food

We've had a couple of random things happen over the past week so I thought I'd do a "bits and bobs" style post.

One morning I was doing my workout in the office and heard a bunch of trucks.  That's not really surprising - we get a few a day heading down the road opposite our place to one of the mines.  But when I could still hear them when I'd finished my workout, I thought I'd go check it out.

The Little Big Fella must have been totally engrossed in what he was doing because there were trucks everywhere across the road from us and he hadn't noticed!  (He's normally a huge fan of trucks, especially earth moving equipment.)

Obviously I told him and he looked and was very excited :-)

I also wanted to show you some of my yummy meals from this week too!

You've just gotta love fruit salad and yoghurt, right?  Definitely one of my all-time faves!

This was a surprisingly delicious breakfast last weekend.  Toasted pumpkin bread (thank you Brumby's!) with poached fresh eggs (from one of our neighbours), some home made bacon (the Big Fella is totally into making smallgoods at the moment and there's no complaint from me ;-)), a bit of avocado, some wilted spinach and some goat's fetta.  Really yummy!

And these little beauties were pretty cool too!  Chicken and beetroot balls made with chicken and beetroot (obviously), sour cream, fetta and toasted cumin seeds.  They needed more cumin and more seasoning, but definitely on the "do again" list!

What else?  Oh yeah!  We headed down to the park this afternoon and one of the girls from the local primary school was painting the kids' faces to raise money for an iPad or something (love the entrepreneurial spirit).  So she asked the Little Big Fella if he'd like to have his face painted and he wanted to be a tiger.  This was the result:

He loved it and when we got home he growled at himself in the mirror for at least 10 minutes :-D

The lady next door just had her third child a couple of weeks ago so her middle child has been playing over here a few times since then, especially while the oldest has been at school.  I figure it keeps two kids happy and gives her a bit of a break, maybe even a sleep in between all the lovely visitors she's been getting ;-)

And it's gotten hot here!  Quite hot!  I know, I whinged about it already, but seriously, it's hot!  And it's only the start of Spring!!!

So the other day we found the Little Big Fella's paddle pool, cleaned it up and let the two kids splash around in it for the afternoon.  They had SO much fun together!

It was rather amusing though; the sandpit is just to the left of this picture and the kids decided that sandpit toys are so much fun they should go in the pool too!  So the toys (and the sand, and the grass) ended up in the pool.  And the little girl also decided that running and splashing into the pool was a good idea, including (very slowly) hands and chest first.  Definitely kept a close eye on that one and no injuries were had, just a bunch of fun :-)

So there you go!  A few more of the "interesting" things that have been happening at our place this week.

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