Friday, 28 September 2012

Under the Sea - Part 2

A little while ago we started turning the Little Big Fella's room into an under the sea world.  We've been reading fishy books, singing fishy songs, watching Nemo and the Octonauts and playing fishy games.

I thought it was about time we did another sea craft and put some more stuff in his room (because it's never messy ;-)).  So yesterday we made an octopus, a couple of crabs, and a couple of jellyfish.  We counted the octopus' legs when we cut them, then when we stapled them on, and then when we were done!

The octopus is the green plate with pink tentacles.  The Little Big Fella even drew eyes, nose and mouth on it :-)  And the crabs are the egg cups with sparkly pipe cleaner legs.

After all that creativity, the Little Big Fella needed to get destructive!  So it was obviously time to cut something up!  The plastic plate ended up in little pieces less than 1cm square.  Thankfully, the Little Big Fella likes cleaning up if I do it with him, so I held the pan and he brushed all the bits into it.

I put a couple of 3M removable hooks up in his room and strung a line for hanging creatures from and voila!

The octopus is in the middle (I know, they're normally on the ground) and the jellyfish are either side

Here's the crabs and some of our earlier work

And a bit more of the crabs (that really look more like 6-legged spiders but my 3 year old doesn't know that!)
I'm considering making some balloon fish, handprint fish and maybe a couple of other bits and pieces before we change themes.  We'll see what we come up with :-D


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    1. Thanks Annette :-) We're really enjoying the process so I think we'll continue it (at an ambling pace) for a while.