Monday, 1 October 2012

Spiders and the Kitty Cat Disaster

The Big Fella called to me the other day, "Shell, grab your camera!"  Thinking it might be a great blogging opportunity, I obeyed :-D

I find him in the kitchen with red cordial, soda water and ice-cream.  Oh God, this is going to be messy!

The Big Fella has decided that it's time the Little Big Fella tries a spider.  In America you'd call it a float (a typical example is a root beer float).  The idea is that you put a scoop of ice-cream in the cup then pour fizzy drink over the top.  It all bubbles and foams up and the ice-cream (well, what's left of it) floats to the top.  Then you drink/scoop/eat it.

Unsurprisingly, the Little Big Fella LOVED it!


Our neighbours at the back fence have their sons for the school holidays and the Little Big Fella wanted to go over and play.  I ended up taking him over and we spent a fair portion of the afternoon there.

It was fun and chaotic with kids coming in and out, toys everywhere, Nerf guns, remote controlled everything, TV, music, people, phone calls, dramas... you get the gist!

Later in the afternoon their next door neighbours handed a 2 week old kitten over the fence for viewing and cuddles.  It was so tiny and cute!  A little black with white markings kitten, I'm not even sure its eyes were open yet.

Anyway, I was holding it, giving it a cuddle when the Little Big Fella saw it.  He wanted a hold but there were heaps of kids around and the golden retrievers were very interested in the kitten too, so I told him he could pat it, but not hold it.

Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!

He completely lost the plot!!!  I mean, tears to the point of sobbing!!!

Right!  This kid was overdone!  Over stimulated, over played, over it all!  The kitten went back over the fence, we said our goodbyes and I took him home.  He continued to cry for a few more minutes before being warned of the consequences of continuing, then he continued to ask for a "kitty cat" of his own throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening.

"Can I get a kitty cat for Christmas Mum?"

"No, you have two dogs and 5 chickens, you're not getting a cat."

"Can I get a kitty cat for my birthday Mum?"

"No honey, you already have dogs and chickens, you're not getting a cat."

"Can give them our chickens and get a kitty cat Mum?"

"No, they're our chickens.  You're not getting a cat."

"Can we take the dogs back and get a kitty cat Mum?"

"No, we are not taking the dogs back and you're not getting a cat."

"I like kitty cats Mum."

"I know honey."

The funny thing is, I'm WAY more clucky about a kitten than I am about the new baby next door... maybe I'll get a kitty cat ;-)

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