Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm a lucky Mummy!

You know what?  I have to say that my son is awesome!!!  I've been reading and hearing lots lately about people having trouble getting their kids to go to bed.  We just don't have that problem.

Last night at the footy the Little Big Fella got exhausted before half time and was begging Daddy to go home to bed.  The Big Fella wasn't ready to go home and I was helping out in the canteen so couldn't go home yet.  What to do???

Then I saw the couches in the corner of the canteen!  Ah ha!

The Big Fella laid the Little Big Fella down then went to the car to get my jacket to put over him and keep him warm.  The Little Big Fella was fast asleep before the jacket arrived!  And he stayed asleep despite the kids kicking footballs around him, the giggling girls in the corner right next to him, the raucous cheering on the other side of the room and outside, and even when I picked him up and carried him to the car - he didn't stir once!

And at home we have our routine of dinner, shower, pjs and bed.  Sure, some nights he watches movies for up to an hour before he falls asleep but he still follows the routine without complaint, sometimes even making me follow the routine when I don't particularly care.  I'm a lucky Mummy!

Of course, there is the fact that only Mummy can do the night routine - Daddy's not allowed to shower or dress or put him to bed apparently.  And because it's that time of night, the Little Big Fella gets seriously distressed if we try to let Daddy do it.  Sigh.  We're working on that :-)

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