Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sad, shopping, boys

I'm doing my post earlier today in the hope that it'll actually get done :-D

This week has been pretty average in a lot of ways.  The biggest thing being hormones kicking me in the guts then beating me around the head while I was down!!!  I don't recall ever being so affected by hormones!  I think I cried (as in bawled my eyes out uncontrollably) 3 or 4 times in one day.  And pretty much the sole content of my thoughts were along the lines of one of the following: I'm fat, my clothes suck, I'm a terrible mum, I'm a rotten housekeeper, I'm lazy, I'm a terrible wife, I'm a horrible person... and probably a couple others in there too.

Now (Mum, this is especially for you) even in the middle of this horrible emotional self-beating, I was aware of the fact that it was the fault of hormones and that I'm not a terrible person, mother, wife etc.  But being aware didn't make any difference at the time.  All I could do was hope it would be over soon.

And it was.  I texted my best friend, got a big hug from the Big Fella when he woke up, got a chance to clean up the bomb fallout in my house, and ate a delicious dark chocolate Cherry Ripe!  Mmmmm, chocolate!  Even when you're changing your eating habits, sometimes chocolate is necessary ;-)

So yesterday and today have been much better and the hormones will give me a break for at least a month (I hope!).

This morning I decided we needed to drive to the major town an hour away.  We had to return the DVD player that won't communicate with our TV because it's not digital.  We also have two birthday parties to go to this week so I thought I'd combine the lot and have a quick trip out with the Little Big Fella while the Big Fella was still at work.

It was a good trip actually!  I got nearly everything done (I forgot to fill scripts, but that can be done nearby), got a new DVD player that does talk to our TV, presents for the parties, a Superman outfit for the Little Big Fella to wear to the parties (they're both superhero themed and he likes to dress up), some stuff for the Big Fella, a new jumper (sweatshirt for my USA friends) for me, and some seafood from the awesome big, new supermarket!  That was a big sentence.  Sorry.

When we got back the Big Fella was already home from work and had gone out for a quick ride on his motorbike.  He and the Little Big Fella have had a definite boys afternoon.  They've done the first stage of making jerky.  They've washed the motorbike.  They've gone to the tip.  They've gone out to check the sights on a gun.  They're currently out helping a guy and this evening they'll go to the local footy together (I'll be selling stuff in the canteen).

I love when they spend time together doing "blokey" stuff.  It's so good for both of them!

And I get time to do the dishes and write a blog post :-p

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