Friday, 6 July 2012

Just when you think you've reached a goal...

Oh my goodness it's been hard to get to the computer this week!  Between just doing stuff and being tired, the computer has definitely been last on the list of things to do.  Sorry if you were hanging out for a post ;-)

We had a very exciting moment Wednesday morning.  The Big Fella's pay came through and we reached our first savings milestone!  Yay!

During the morning I noticed the light globe had blown on the fridge.  No worries, we can replace that at some stage.

Later I realised I hadn't heard the fridge "kick in" for a while.  Uh oh!  I checked and it was fully plugged in and turned on.  I opened the door for a while and turned the dial up to the coldest setting.


I checked that the safety switch hadn't flipped in the power box.  Nope.


Time to let the Big Fella know.  Unfortunately he was about to go to bed after a night shift and in preparation for his next night shift.  But we all got in the car and, after a false start (we think only because it was cold), we drove to the next town and looked at new fridges.

We got our fridge from the Big Fella's parents as a wedding present, ten and a half years ago.  We kind of knew it was likely to need replacing soon but I really wanted to shop around and choose something we'd really be happy with, not have to take the best option in front of us.  I wanted it to be an exciting shopping adventure.  Sigh.

We ended up choosing a lovely, very large fridge and arranged delivery for the afternoon.  We did a little bit of food shopping and collected the mail the headed home.

The Big Fella went to bed in an attempt to get some desperately needed sleep.

I started moving some items to the downstairs deep freezer and a few things into our awesome esky (ice box) and what did I hear???  The fridge kicked in!!!  Gah!

So now we have a beer fridge (actually, I'm pretty sure it'll be a sausage fridge because the Big Fella is really keen to make his own, build a smokehouse and whatever else goes into the process).  And our upstairs fridge is so nice!  It's big and holds everything and is tall enough to stand a cask of wine up without squishing all the other shelves to uselessness.

The only down side possibly has more to do with the house than the fridge - it's kind of hard to get the crisper (at the bottom of the fridge) more than half way out to get to the veges.  You have to open the door all the way, but we have a wall in the way so it's a little bit of a struggle.  But I think we'll find a way to deal with that so it's no biggie :-)

Oh!  And it's a self-defrosting freezer!  Yay!!!  Given the humidity that we'll get in summer, defrosting the freezer kind of becomes a monthly task so having one that does it all by itself is so exciting!

And it has an ice-tray built in thingy.  We go through lots of ice so this is definitely a bonus for us.

And it's easy to pull the shelves and door bits out to clean!  The old fridge was great but had a couple of permanent door shelves that caught all kinds of stuff and was tricky to get well cleaned.

So there you go!  We have a new fridge!  And the Big Fella is now keen to replace the washing machine (about 8 or 9 years old), microwave and bedding over the next few months.  Yay :-D

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