Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Big Fella's Days Off

I'm not exactly sure what I've been up to since my last post but I'm certain I've been busy!!!  Whenever the Big Fella has days off (he gets 3, 4 or 5 in a row) we tend to be busy, the house doesn't get its normal general tidy and clean, and we have lots of fun doing... whatever!

Getting to the computer is once again a bit tricky, I think that's mostly because I tend to do it when both Fellas are sleeping or the Big Fella is at work and the Little Big Fella is sleeping.

My father-in-law came up on Friday.  He flew interstate and we went and collected him from the airport an hour away.  He was very keen to buy the Little Big Fella an ice-cream (and there were no complaints from that end of the field either!) so we ended up getting a box of mini Magnums from the supermarket while we were there.

The Big Fella also did a little shopping while we were in the bigger town (oh! And saw the dentist, but more about that another time).  He bought some clothes from our new favourite country-style clothing store, then went into Big W to try to find a replacement set top box.

The Big Fella's favourite show at the moment is Masterchef.  It's on channel 10.  There are a couple of other shows he likes, also on channel 10.  Guess which channel doesn't work so good???  Yep, channel 10.  After a bit of messing around, we worked out that the reason we weren't getting good signal was either the set top box or the aerial.  So, he decided to "just look" at set top boxes while we ate our ice creams.

A little while later he comes out of the store empty handed.  I have to say I was a little surprised... until he told me he'd bought a new digital TV that didn't require a set top box :-D  Thankfully, when we got it all set up we received channel 10 nice and clear :-)

When we eventually got home we lit the fire and the guys sat about making it work while I got stuff ready upstairs.  Then we did our first stir fry over the fire!  The Big Fella bought a couple of woks a few years ago but we haven't had gas cooking facilities so they've mostly stayed in the cupboard (poor neglected things!).  But last time we had a fire the Big Fella had the thought that a wok would sit quite nicely on top of it (it's a converted washing machine drum) and it turns out he was right.  It cooked really hot, which is perfect for stir fries.

In the morning the Big Fella and his dad went out for breakfast at the mine camp just up the road.  They do all the cooked breakfast items that guys seem to love and you get to pack a container of food to take for lunch as well.  They did that because the Big Fella's dad bought our car and was driving back home and having some yummy fresh food is always a good thing when you travel.

I was planting some garlic that had sprouted in the cupboard when I heard a horrible cry and looked up to see the Little Big Fella at the kitchen door holding his hand out and bawling!  I ran up the stairs to find blood leaking out of the webbing between his thumb and pointer finger on his left hand.  Of course, being 3 he doesn't want me to touch it or put anything on it but is freaking out about the blood coming out of him.

I get a tissue on it and walk (calmly) down the hallway with him to get bandaids, hoping and praying that it's not too bad and we won't need to go to hospital because the Big Fella is out with the car.  We get the bandaid ready (luckily the Little Big Fella is a huge fan of bandaids) then take the tissue off to check the damage.

Phew!  It's just a little cut.

Want to know how it happened?  Of course you do!  I wouldn't be writing about it on my blog if it wasn't at least mildly interesting :-D

While I was outside the Little Big Fella decided that he wanted to play with the money in his money box/shoe.  To get to the money you have to turn the shoe upside down and turn the circle plug thingy around.  He obviously couldn't do it by himself.  So he decides he needs a knife to open it!!!!!  He goes to the kitchen and gets out my little paring knife.

Now, the Big Fella doesn't believe in blunt knives so every knife in our house is sharp.  Not just fairly sharp either.  To test if it's sharp enough he uses it to dry-shave his forearm.  It's not sharp unless he gets a little bald patch!

So the Little Big Fella takes this sharp little paring knife and attempts to use it to open his money shoe.  As you do.

Obviously he's slipped and copped the nice sharp tip in the webbing of his hand.  I'm SO grateful that's all he did!!!  Honestly, I'm expecting one day we'll have to go to the hospital with broken bones, split head/chin/hand/knee or whatever else kids do when they're exploring the world and not overly afraid (or aware) of hurting themselves, but I'm glad it wasn't yesterday.  I get the feeling that the Little Big Fella has a new respect for the sharpness of knives though!

Who knew planting garlic could be so eventful???  We got a couple of bandaids on the cut and then taped it up with sports tape because I knew the bandaids had no chance of staying on without his whole hand wrapped up!  Sure enough, by about 2pm he'd decided he was fixed and took it all off.  As soon as he rode his bike it started bleeding again and needed to be re-dressed.

What else have we been up to with the Big Fella home?

Well, the Big Fella wanted to collect some wood for making a chook house, outdoor table and bench chairs, a sandpit and other bits and pieces so the Little Big Fella and I jumped in the car and went with him.

Now, when I say "some" wood I mean posts, beams and random bits of wood that are now piled under our stairs - about 1.5 metres deep, 3 or 4 metres long and piled about half to a metre high.  He collected more today, including what will be half of the floor of our soon-to-be chook house.  (A deal has been done and we're getting 6 chooks and a duck.)

This morning the Big Fella used some of the wood to create a sandbox for the Little Big Fella.  He made the frame, dug a little channel for it to sit in, then went and collected a ute-load of sand from the creek (that's a serious workout right there!).  The Little Big Fella loves it and has been in it for at least an hour today (he would have been in there longer if he'd been home more).

I was super tired today so this arvo I had a little lay down (not a nap because I was too cold to sleep).  When I got up I had so much more energy.  The Fellas were out helping a friend collect more of that wood so I got to whip around the house and do some cleaning (including vacuuming up sand from the new sandpit - there's going to be some lessons learned around here over the next few days!!!) and dinner prep.

Actually, we had a garlic/lime/chilli chicken dish tonight that was quite yummy.  It's from Leanne, the Dinner Diva.  I've not tried any of her recipes until tonight but I'm thinking of searching for some more because it was quick, easy and delicious!

We've had some night time issues over the past few nights.  The Little Big Fella must be sleeping really solidly because normally he gets up once or twice to use the loo before I go to bed.  But he wet his bed twice in one night and tonight he woke up crying but didn't get up.  I went to him and tried to work out what was wrong.  He wouldn't tell me because he was crying, then I feel warm wet.  Ugh!  I hate being peed on!  At least he didn't wet the bed though - getting the two of us cleaned up is so much less of a drama than changing sheets!

Today was my Fit Yummy Mummy 4 week weigh in.  I forgot!  So I didn't weigh in until after breakfast but I've lost 2 kilos and 3cm on my muffin top.  I'm going to do another weigh in tomorrow though, just to see if breakfast made that much difference.  I also took photos (nope, you can't see them - I'm not ready for that) and can see a bit of a difference in my face, muffin top and a bit of muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.  Oh!  And I wore a couple of items of clothing this week that I haven't been able to wear in ages!!!  And I'm wearing my belt 2, nearly 3 notches tighter than when I started.  It feels awesome!  I'm looking at the whole thing as a lifestyle, rather than a diet and I think it's sustainable, and all those veges and un-processed foods have got to be good for me.

We've got another big week coming up.  A birthday party, a baby shower, friends for dinner, and all the other bits and pieces that fill up our life here.  Hopefully I'll be able to grab a few minutes (and hopefully photos) to tell you all about it!!!

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