Monday, 23 July 2012

A photo catch up

The Big Fella is back at work so I'm catching up on a bunch of stuff... including loading all my photos from the last phew few days to the computer!  So here's what we've been up to:

The Little Big Fella's latest hot glue gun creation 

This morning's breakfast - absolutely my favourite-ist breakfast at the moment, when I can be bothered cutting up veges.

Today's lunch (even better than it looks - there's roasted seeds and a bit of fetta under there)

Remember the grass seeds that we planted a few weeks ago and the dogs keep digging holes in?

Here it is today!

Another creative moment for the Little Big Fella (he also did some water painting today but I didn't get a pic).

Remember this?  This is the table-to-be for our kitchen (although I suspect it will end up being used as a coffee table in the future).

And here it is, all done up in the kitchen!  The spices used to sit on top of the microwave and every time you tried to use them you'd invariably knock at least one over.  Having them in the two stackable boxes underneath is awesome!  And having the fruit in the box (rather than that huge bucket) is working really well.

Ah yes!  The day we planted seeds!  Here they are now!

 This was definitely a brilliant idea by the Big Fella!  The sandpit has had some pretty intense use over the past two days (and so has the vacuum cleaner!).

 Check out this box we found when we were collecting wood the other day!  It's about 1.5 metres wide, 10-15cm deep and about 50-60cm high.  Any suggestions you creative people???

Here's our big pile of wood this morning:

The thing at the back has now been pulled apart and added to the wood pile and the one at the front is going to be the floor of half our soon-to-be chook shed :-) 

So there you go!  A few photos to go with the stories :-)

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