Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Out and about after the rain

OMG!  How much washing can you do in one day???  My line was full today!

Yesterday was wet!  I mean, really wet!  Our backyard was a swamp in most parts and pools in the others.  No way was I going outside!  And today?  Only in gumboots baby!

So today when I got up and the sun was shining I got the washing going straight away.  I decided to ditch the workout for the morning so I could make sure the Little Big Fella and I got out before the rain came back (the Big Fella was at work from just after midnight this morning).

We went down to the park about 9:30 and there was no one around, which is a bit odd.  I think playgroup must have been on and we missed it :-(

I recently realised that whenever the Little Big Fella is playing I tend to play on my phone rather than watching him or playing with him.  Not good.  Certainly not all the time!

So I deliberately left my phone in my bag and let him show off for me (yes, he is a show off, even at 3 years old).  And he loved it.  I noticed that when he's riding in a straight line he's not using his training wheels at all!  Won't be long and he won't even need them!!!

I noticed all these cars pulling over just up the road and didn't really think anything of it.  Then I started to wonder if something was going on.  Then, at 10:45, I remembered!  As of Monday (2 days ago) the mail is now being given out at the CWA hall between 9 and 11 every weekday morning!!!  I had to get up there and get the mail!

(For those who don't know, we live in a town of about 360 people.  We used to have a little post office but the people running it have sold their place and the new owners didn't want to take on the post office.  We had to collect our mail from the next town and it was a bit of a pain, for us and the post office staff there.  So having our mail back in our town is awesome!)

I got the Little Big Fella to get off the swing and we headed over to the hall.  On the way we ran into our friends and had a little chat but then I had to say a quick goodbye and keep going.  Luckily they'll be coming over on Friday morning for our first playdate at our house!

We made it in time and apparently the Big Fella had already collected the mail this morning :-D.  That was okay though because there was a parcel for us that had been missed.

The Little Big Fella decided that we needed to go to the shop and get a lolly (candy) and I agreed we could.  When we got there, he was adamant that he actually wanted an ice cream.  I agreed and he chose a Drumstick.  For those who don't know, a Drumstick is in a waffle cone and has yummy chocolate on top as well.  Surprisingly, this was a much cleaner ice cream for the Little Big Fella than the one he normally has, which is designed for kids!  Yay for less clean up :-D

I was also really proud of myself for just eating the pear that I had in my bag.

On the way back we decided to stop in at the Library, seeing that it was open.  My Little Big Fella makes me smile so often.  I can't even remember the actual conversation he had with the Librarian but it was really cute, and just so him!

Well, we couldn't just go home from there so we went back to the park for a while longer.  The Little Big Fella wanted me to run around while he rode his bike.  (Oh!  I forgot to mention that the skate area of the park still had big puddles from yesterday's rain, and he was riding through them and laughing his head off about the splashes.)  So I chased him through the puddles in my lovely big gumboots :-D

Eventually we had to go home because I was hungry!

The rest of the day was mostly taken up with housework, a workout that nearly killed me, and a lovely candlelit dinner.  It's been a nice day.

Oh!!!  I forgot to tell you!!!  I bought a yoghurt maker and made my first Greek yoghurt last night.  I didn't put any sugar in it so it's fairly tart but it tastes delicious!!!  I had some this morning on my oat pancakes with caramelised banana, walnuts and cherries.  Mmmm mmmmm!!!

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