Monday, 2 July 2012

Toys and friends

For those of you who don't have kids (or don't live in Australia), the major department stores have a massive toy sale at this time of year.  They allow lay-by where they hold the items until just before Christmas so a lot of people do the majority of their Christmas shopping now.

After looking at the catalogues online, I decided there were several items that I'd like to purchase for the Little Big Fella and that it was cheaper to drive to our nearest major town (an hour away) than pay for delivery.  So today was the day we had enough time to go all together.

We had a relaxed morning, sitting in bed with a cuppa for a chat and eventually getting started around 8:30, or maybe 9 o'clock :-)

I made lunches and snacks (we'd be spending enough money as it was and I wanted to have a healthy lunch if possible) then went and showered and got ready.

After other "chooking around" we eventually left at about 10:30.  I've never left for a "trip" so late!!!  But it was only an hour drive so no biggie :-)

Big W was first.  They didn't have any of the things I wanted to get!  Although mildly frustrated (okay, pretty frustrated) I was soon shown a bunch of things that the Little Big Fella was excited about, including a chainsaw that makes the sounds and even has a rubber chain that works.

We also picked up a couple of Nerf guns so I'd imagine Christmas will be semi-violent this year :-D

On the way out of the shopping centre we came across a clothing store that had "outback" style clothing... and we loved it!  The Big Fella is planning to go back there in a month or so and have a big wardrobe replacement :-)  And I picked up a nice, cosy, warm, fleecy jacket to replace the one I've been wearing since we were engaged!

We went to the other main shopping centre and had a look around, finding another "outback" style clothing store to get excited about.  On our way to the supermarket, the Little Big Fella stopped to play in the coin-fed car (so sad, it was out of order).  While he's playing a family walked by and the lady looked at my son in the car with a big smile.  Then her gaze flicked by me and we both did a double-take!  We'd been in the same mother's group in our last town!!!

It turns out they are now living in a mining town a little north of us and this major town is the one they visit most regularly.  It was so cool to meet up with someone I'd previously known in such a random way!  And her kids are gorgeous!  Last time I saw them was a few days before they moved and their little girl was only about 2 weeks old - she's now walking and talking very well.

Apparently they come near us on a semi-regular basis so we've promised to catch up for lunch or dinner or something next time they go by.  And the Little Big Fella and I might take a drive up that way when the Big Fella needs lots of day sleep or something :-)

We had another couple of short stops on the way home then the Fellas built a fire out the back this afternoon.  The plan was to cook dinner on it but that didn't quite work so we ended up inside.  I was quietly happy about this because it's freezing outside tonight (for those Victorians in particular who don't believe me, it'll be between 3 and 5 degrees overnight).

All was going fairly well until the puppies peed on the carpet.  About 5 minutes later the Little Big Fella woke up because he'd wet his bed (through his nappy, by the way).  Just when you think your cleaning-up-pee days are over...

And the DVD player we bought today doesn't seem to be compatible with our TV.  That makes for an unhappy Big Fella.

I guess tomorrow is another day!

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