Saturday, 6 July 2013

In preparation...

I'm a little excited.  Okay, make that very excited!  The Little Big Fella and I are flying down to Melbourne on Monday.  I'm going to the P!nk concert with my brother and youngest sister on Thursday and we'll be visiting with family (both mine and the Big Fella's parents live there, and my sister and brother-in-law, his sister and her partner, and my brother) and friends.

In preparation, I've been looking on the internet to see what awesome activities are on that the Little Big Fella might enjoy, because hanging out with people who don't have kids, and being dragged around the shops isn't a huge amount of fun for him (I have no idea why not!).  He's really good about doing those kinds of things, but I want this to be a fun holiday for him as well.  And I'd imagine being spoiled by grandparents, aunts and uncles will definitely have some enjoyment for him too ;-)

My other sister mentioned ScienceWorks - a hands-on science museum I guess you'd call it.  They have all kinds of fun things to learn about, but also things to play with like a real digger!  Pretty sure that will be a hit!

I found out that there's a place in the city that has an ice rink.  (For those who don't know, there's very little snow or ice in Australia, even in the winter.  You have to travel to the mountains (even that is a debatable term compared to other continents), and they often use snow-makers on the ski slopes to supplement the natural snowfall.)

Anyway, the ice rink has an under 8's morning where they allow the kids on the ice with their shoes, and they have special learn-to-skate props/toys, and piles of snow to play in.  I think that might be a fun morning for us!

For those of you who know anything about Melbourne, it's a bit of a foodie city, so I'm very much looking forward to partaking of some deliciousness.  One thing we'll definitely do is go to the Queen Victoria Market.  It'll be weird going there without the Big Fella (he's a massive fan of the deli section!!!), but I'm sure we'll cope ;-)

Because we'll be flying, and the Big Fella's not coming, I decided to buy myself a suitcase (with wheels, of course!).  Normally when I travel, I have a bag of my clothes, a bag for the Little Big Fella's clothes, my toiletries bag, sometimes a bag with shoes, a bag of toys and things for the Little Big Fella and other clothes (like jackets) spread over the top of everything in the back of the car.  Obviously, that's not going to work on a plane!

So I bought a big suitcase in the hope that I can get it all into that plus my carry-on bag.  I've made my lists (you know how much I love lists!) and I think it will work.  I'm trying so hard to pack light though, because it's pretty likely we'll end up with more to bring back than what we take.

Now to remember to pack my tickets(!!!), chargers and all the other bits and pieces, make sure all the clothes we're taking are ready to go, copy my every day files onto my tablet, make sure the house is in good order before we leave... no problem!

I'm adding this a bit later in the day, just to show you another bit of "preparation" for the trip.  See, it's going to be cold in Melbourne (well, at least in comparison to here).  So, to add a little cheer when I have to pull my nice, warm socks off, I've put a little colour on my nails.

No doubt that will help me feel warm :-D

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