Saturday, 27 July 2013

Melbourne trip - Part P!nk!!!

And now for the post many of you have been waiting for - going to the P!nk concert!!!!!

This was my first ever real concert, and what a way to introduce myself to them!!!!  I went with my youngest sister and my brother - it was his first concert too.

My sister works in the city, so my brother and I caught the train in to town (after I ran back to my parent's place, having forgotten the tickets!!!).

As a side note, the Little Big Fella happily let me leave him with his grandparents.  Turns out they played light sabers, hide and seek, and had bacon and egg whites for dinner.

My siblings and I however, had Thai for dinner and it was very nice - not just the food but the company and conversation.  Have I ever mentioned that I have awesome siblings???

We finished our meals then started the (slightly cold) walk to the arena where the concert was being held.  Just before I left Melbourne to live up North, I was a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games.  The area that I "worked" was the same place that the concert was at.  Amazingly, I'd forgotten how far the walk is from the train station to the arena!

I could feel the excitement building as we got closer.  The three of us joined a growing flow of people heading in the one direction, getting more and more excited about the evening that we were about to enjoy.

Once inside we slowly made our way around to our door (there were so many people!), stopping so that I could buy a t-shirt.  Then went inside and found our seats.

I believe this is called the "nosebleed" section!  If you were hoping to get a great close-up photo of P!nk from me, you'll be sadly disappointed.  Our seating, and the fact that I only had my phone camera, means the best shot I got was this:

That's her in the middle (can't you tell?).

While we were waiting for the show to get started, my sister and I decided to get a drink.  Of course, we had to choose the cosmopolitan in the flashing pink cup (and here's the t-shirt I bought on the way in)!

Then my sister decided that we needed to take some "selfies".  Unfortunately, my phone camera really isn't that great.

The support band that played was brilliant!  They're called The Kin.  The two singers/musicians are brothers and they have really great voices that work so well together.

But the drummer?  He was... ummm.... intriguing I guess is the word.

He didn't use drumsticks, but it sounded like he did.

He used his hands.  But it looked like (on the screens anyway) he had something taped to his palms - maybe a really thin, pliable wood.

And he was amazingly energetic as he played.  It was like he was using his whole body to play.  Maybe inspiring is another word you could use?

Between the intrigue of the drummer, and the sound of the brothers' voices, and the music they made together... I just don't really know how to describe it, except to say that I really enjoyed it!

So, after they were done there was about half an hour before P!nk came on stage.  But as we were waiting, one of the actors from Offspring, Eddie Perfect, came onstage to tell us that the concert would be recorded for P!nk's DVD.  Everyone went crazy cheering!

We were informed that some music would come on soon and we were to dance like no one was watching so that the cameras could record some of the crowd for the DVD.

And, even though we were in the 2nd back row, the atmosphere of the place totally included us and we danced and sang at the top of our lungs, and laughed at some of the ridiculous people around us.

A little while later, a guy appeared on the screens.  He was dressed like a clown and was dancing through the crowd, making people (who didn't want to dance) dance with him, or trying to get away from people who did want to dance with him.

He disappeared and reappeared in several places throughout the crowd.

At one point he zoned in one someone and completely ignored everyone else around him.  He climbed over seats and pushed people out of the way to get to this person.

It turned out he was focused on a bald guy.

When he got to the guy he did funny stuff like rubbing his head and checking his reflection in it.  Then, in super slow-mo, he planted a big, sloppy kiss on the guy's head.  The expressions were true clown style and made it particularly entertaining.

Just when we thought he was done with the bald guy, he did something else in super slow-mo.  Out came his big, pink tongue!  And slowly, but definitely, the tongue got closer and closer to the guy's head. 

You could see him on the screen hoping that the clown would stop before the tongue hit his head.

But no!  It came slowly and inevitably down until he got the bald-headed equivalent of a wet willy!

And suddenly the trance was over!  The crowd laughed.  The clown congratulated the guy and moved on.

Next thing we know, the clown is on stage and saying that someone in the crowd is going to get the chance to come up on stage!  You can just imagine the noise and excitement right there, can't you?

The cameras scanned the crowd, looking for the lucky person!  They're scanning, they're scanning... the clown tells the cameras to stop!  Go back!  They zoom in on someone wearing a hoodie.  The hoodie comes off and there's P!nk!!!!  She was in the bay right next to us!!!!

I can't even describe to you the noise and excitement in the arena just then!  And it didn't calm down much for the rest of the night!

We had sore voices within the first half hour.  P!nk had included a whole bunch of her older songs in this concert, including "Raise Your Glass" (which we did - how could we not when we had flashing pink cocktails???).

As expected, there was acrobatics and crazy stunts.

There were a couple of holes in the stage where dancers were shot up into the air to land on the stage and start dancing.

There was a crazy, spinning wire ball that P!nk and the dancers climbed all over without harnesses.

There was rather erotic dancing.

There were fun costumes.

P!nk played the piano, having learned just for this tour.

Lots of stuff was thrown onto the stage for her, including lots of toy frogs, and a book that someone had made (and obviously taken an awful lot of time to do).

And just when we thought we couldn't sing any more, or scream any louder, out came the finale!

P!nk was hooked up to this circle belt thing, that was connected to wires that hooked into the four corners of the arena.  And she went flying over all of our heads, covering just about every inch of the stadium!  From our position, it looked particularly cool and like SO much fun!  I'd love to have a go at that one day!!!

And then it was over.

We eventually made it to my sister's car, and out of the car park (15 minutes to get about 200 metres).  And we listened to the album while we drove home, reflecting on how entertaining and fun the night had been.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first big concert experience, and next time P!nk is in Australia, I intend to go again (hopefully with my siblings) and try to get floor tickets so we can dance without fear of falling into the person in front of us (who, by the way, spent the whole concert standing up with her camera, recording the whole thing and getting in our way), as well as sing at the top of our lungs.

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