Monday, 22 July 2013

Melbourne trip - Part III

While I was away, I didn't really have time to write a diary, or blog posts, or even much in the way of notes about our days.  But I had a single page document that I wrote a couple of dot points on, to help me remember what we'd gotten up to.

Turns out I really need those!

We were SO busy (but in a good way)!  By the end of the first week, I could hardly remember what we'd done the day before, let alone a couple of days before that!

So, using said trusty dot points, I can tell you that after our slightly more eventful trip down, and our fun day at the science museum, the Little Big Fella and I had a more sedate day with the Big Fella's parents, sister and her partner.  And it was absolutely lovely!

Unfortunately I don't actually have any photos of this day (sheesh!), so I'll just have to tell you about it and let you use your imagination.

We had a bit of a sleep in that morning (I have no idea why we were so tired!), then got ourselves ready and headed over to the Big Fella's parent's place.

They've lived in the same house for about 20 years, which is kind of amazing because Grandpa used to be in the Airforce and the Big Fella's family had lived all over Australia, and in Malaysia for a time.  Since the last time we'd been there (in 2010!), they've renovated the kitchen and upstairs entry, as well as both bathrooms.  It was so exciting to see it in person after hearing all about it!

So we got the grand tour, then had a cuppa in the downstairs lounge room, in front of the fire.  That's one thing I miss about living in Victoria.  We don't have much opportunity to really snuggle in front of a fire up here, and it is definitely one of the delicious things about winter!

The Little Big Fella wanted to check out the yard so we took him outside and walked down to the bottom of the property.  It's only a 1/4 acre (I think... there's a possibility that it's a 1/3 acre), but it's a very steep block!  The Little Big Fella (of course) ran up and down it a few times, while we struggled just a little.

And that's when he saw it.

Grandma and Grandpa have an outdoor spa.

Which, to the Little Big Fella, looks just like a pool.

And he loves playing in water!

So he convinced Grandpa to turn on the heater and get the water warming up so he could have a spa swim splash.

While we were waiting for it to warm up, Grandma got a delicious lunch started.  She did a Turkish bread (pide?), filled with delicious treats like olives, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and so on, and with a little cheese on top.  Then it got put in the oven to warm up and get a little crispy.  Served with a lovely salad, it was a fantastic lunch!

By this time, the Big Fella's sister and her partner had arrived as well, so we all ate together and had the chance to catch up.

Although I love where we live, I really do miss our families.  We enjoy one another's company, and there's something very special about families that you just don't quite get, even with very good friends.

Anyway, after lunch the spa was warm enough so Grandma, the Little Big Fella and I jumped in (amazing how I just happened to have our swimmers in the bag, huh?).  Even though the day was quite chilly, especially in the shade, we ended up getting rather too warm in the spa because the heater didn't get turned off until the water reached 40 degrees (about 104 Fahrenheit).

The Little Big Fella loved splashing about though, especially when Grandma found a pair of goggles that he could wear!  Talk about making your grandson happy!!!

After we got out, we all had a bit of a chat then the Big Fella's sister and partner took the Little Big Fella and I to a chocolaterie.  Seriously delicious!

They have a big window along one wall where you can watch the masters making the chocolates.  While we were there we watched one of the girls making chocolate covered licorice bullets.

And right at the front door are 3 big (and I mean big) bowls of chocolate drops that you can sample - white, milk and dark chocolate.  And it was very nice chocolate!

They had all kinds of chocolate delights, as well as a cafe with handmade ice-creams and desserts.  We decided to have a drink, and I got a fruit flan that was to die for!  With every order they give you a shot of "hot chocolate", which is basically chocolate drops melted to a thick, creamy liquid.  Very sweet to drink, but lovely in the cold wind.

The chocolaterie also provided buckets full of outdoor toys for people to take out onto the grassy area in front of the building.  The buckets had balls and frisbees and all kinds of things for playing with.

The whole atmosphere was really, really fun!  I'd highly recommend a visit if you're in that area!

We purchased a few treats, sampled a couple more chocolate drops then headed home.  The Little Big Fella was completely tuckered out and fell asleep before we'd gotten very far.

When we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's place, we went in, had a quick chat then said our goodbyes and went back to my parent's place for a quick dinner, bath and off to bed.  Then end of another lovely, eventful day.

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