Monday, 22 July 2013

Melbourne trip - Part IV

After a day with the Big Fella's family, we got to spend a bit of time (when we weren't exhausted even!) with my parents.

Mum had taken the day off work and Dad ended up meeting us for lunch, which was awesome.

One of the local shopping centres had a dinosaur display for the school holidays.  There were large and small dinosaurs, all very realistic, as well as some that moved!  They were pretty cool!

Unfortunately, there was a very long line to see them up close.  Double unfortunately, the Little Big Fella wasn't in the mood for queuing.  We got to the end of the line and within about a minute he'd started losing the plot.

Just at that moment he spotted Toyworld.  And that was the end of us lining up to see dinosaurs!

We went to Toyworld and he conned Nanna into buying him a Spiderman glove that makes web slinging sounds when you put your hand the right way, as well as an Optimus Prime costume (incidentally, he was wearing his Iron Man costume at the time).

Mum and I decided that it was time for a coffee, so we headed for one of the caf├ęs and partook of some very nice beverages.  The Little Big Fella was happily distracted by his new Spiderman glove :-)

After that we thought we'd have a little walk around, but first my son had to have a play on the digger.

We wandered around Myer and a couple of other places, and I ended up buying a new top (which I wore to the P!nk concert - post coming soon!).  Then we met up with Dad and grabbed some lunch.

Have you ever been to a food court in a shopping centre?  It's an area where there are a bunch of tables in the middle, and a range of fast food places around the outside.

They tend to be very loud.

Especially at the lunch rush hour.

Especially at the lunch rush hour in school holidays!

Thankfully we got a seat very easily and the noise started to settle when we were about half way through our meals.

After lunch Dad had to get back to work, so Mum and I wandered around a few more stores before the Little Big Fella started losing the plot on us again.  On the way home we stopped at Spotlight (a large craft store), which really pushed the Little Big Fella a bit too far.  He'd pretty much run out of patience for shopping.  That, and he wasn't allowed to put on his Optimus Prime costume until we got "home".

So we took him "home" and he was quite happy.

While we stayed with my parents, the Little Big Fella developed a couple of routines in the evening.  These included setting the table in the "winter room" for dinner with Nanna, lighting the candles for dinner, saying grace (which always includes holding hands and giving people a kiss after "amen"), blowing out the candles when everyone is done, then having a bath (definitely the most exciting part of the night!), and putting on Superman pjs.

We don't have a bath in our current house, so going to my grandparent's place in our old town, or now going to my parent's place has to include a bath... preferably with lots of bubbles!  And mum's bath is a spa bath, so lots of bubbles can become even more bubbles!!!

Grandma gave the Little Big Fella a Superman onesie (all-in-one pyjamas).  They're fleecy and very warm, and suited sleeptime in Melbourne.

They even came with a cape!  The Little Big Fella was in love :-)

A couple of nights Nanna got to read a book to the Little Big Fella.  They had two favourites; a book about a digger trying to find home, and a book of funny poems (which he's been partially repeating ever since - Oodnadatta, Paramatta, and Triantiwantigongalope!).

Some nights it was a little too warm for a fleecy Superman onesie and Batman covers!

I was very relieved that the Little Big Fella settled into a happy routine at Mum and Dad's.  Not only did it make night times that bit easier, it also meant that there was no stress when it was time for me to go to the P!nk concert!  But more about that in the next installment ;-)

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