Sunday, 28 July 2013

Melbourne trip - end of week 1

Okay, I think we need to speed these up just a little bit!

The day after the P!nk concert I got to sleep in a little (yay!), and we had a relatively slow day.

When I was a late teenager, my family had a great girl/lady live with us for about 3 years.  We'll call her Cadbury J because of the regular late night runs to the supermarket we'd have to collect junk food, particularly chocolate.  Cadbury J is now married with 2 gorgeous kids - a 6 year old boy, and a 4 year old girl (only 6 weeks older than the Little Big Fella).

After a sufficient sleep in and slow morning, the Little Big Fella and I went around to Cadbury J's house and ended up spending the rest of the day with her and the kids.  The kids got along brilliantly for the most part (after a slightly shy start), and the Little Big Fella wanted to play with them every day after that while we were in Melbourne.

On this particular day, we ended up making and decorating cupcakes - a slightly messy affair (cooking with kids always is), but definitely fun and delicious (has to be when Cadbury J is involved)!

The boys had a go at a Wii dancing game and did surprisingly well.

And all three kids ended up with gumboots (galoshes?) on, playing in the mud outside.

The following day we ended up at the big park near mum and dad's place with my sister, and Cadbury J  and the kids turned up too!  Again, the kids played well together and the Little Big Fella was not impressed when it was time to say goodbye and go "home".

That morning we'd joined my parents at their Ulysses brunch - checking out all the motorbikes and saying "hi" to some of mum and dad's friends.  I expected that the Little Big Fella would be excited by all the bikes, but he was focused on wanting to play with Cadbury J's kids and was a bit of a cranky pants.

It was amusing hanging out with the "bikers", because the Little Big Fella told everyone he met there that he rode his own motorbike, and they were all suitably impressed.

The following day Mum, my sister, the Little Big Fella and I went to the Queen Victoria market (after meeting my sister's cat).  It was a very different experience to when we lived in Melbourne, mostly because the Big Fella wasn't with us, so we went to other areas of the market than just the deli :-D

Of course, we did go to the deli because that's a complete experience in itself, but it wasn't the same without the Big Fella's enthusiasm.

Going around the general part of the market was good fun!  We looked at art and clothes and bags and whatever else happened to catch our attention.  The Little Big Fella was just starting to get antsy when we spotted a toy stall.  They had a pack of superhero figurines, including his favourites Thor, the Hulk, Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman and Superman, for only $10!  My sister decided that she needed to buy them for him and for the next hour or so, he was completely engrossed in them and happy to be dragged from bag stall to clothing stall :-D  Thanks sis!!!

We decided it was time to eat and ended up at a little dumpling bar.  We ordered a selection and shared them, enjoying the food, company, sights and being out of the wind.

A little more market-ing then we headed back to my parent's place.

That evening was a family dinner at mum and dad's.  My brother, sister and her husband came and we all hung out for the evening.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I love my family.  I love that we get along so well and that being together is fun for us!  And I think each and every one of them is pretty darn awesome, actually.  I'm super, super lucky!

That was the end of our first week in Melbourne!  By this stage I was happy, exhausted, having a blast and missing home (particularly missing the Big Fella).  And there was still four full days plus a day of travel to go!  Time to get some sleep for it, hey?

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