Monday, 1 April 2013

Re-styling the office

When the Big Fella and I were discussing what we'd like to do this year, we decided we'd like to replace a lot of our furniture.  We had realised when we moved here that a lot of it was kind of cheap and wasn't surviving well in the sub-tropical humidity.

So we started with the Little Big Fella's room, replacing his $10 bed with a king single, and getting matching bedside and drawers.

The Little Big Fella wanted me to put this one in for you today as well :-D

While we were back at our old town, we had the chance to look at some office furniture and decided on a very smart looking set.  I was very tempted by a $2000 desk, but in the end couldn't justify it and wouldn't have been able to match any shelving with it, which is where I'll be keeping my crafty bits and pieces.  We actually found a set of drawers for some of those crafty bits that's a little different to the desk set, but still works and looks great.

Hmmm, let's see if I have a pic of the way the office was.

Okay, this one is from when we first moved in.  I'd moved things around a little but basically this is it.  This room has no built-in storage, which has made it practically impossible to keep it tidy.  I've had to keep some things in their moving boxes, and there's just not enough room to get to them all.  It's been a source of constant frustration for me.

Well, this is what I see as I walk down my hallway now!

Isn't that gorgeous and cheery?  One of the large drawers is where I've started putting the Little Big Fella's kindy paintings, which is SO much better than having them all around the place.  And a friend suggested using them as wrapping paper for gifts to family, so they're easy to get to for that too!

The desk and drawers came in boxes and I got to put most of it together.  It wasn't difficult, but it was really complicated!

Alright.  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Okay, here's the new desk and drawers!

I think I'm going to tweak it a little bit more, and I still need to stick my calendar up on the wall, but I'm loving having a real desk again!

When we moved from Victoria, we got rid of our big, heavy desk that we'd been using to study.  We haven't had a real one since then.  That's seven years ago!  Seriously, put this lovely desk with my new double sink and I'm just about in heaven!  :-)

Okay, and just so you know that I'm completely human, here's the rest of the office at the moment:

We still need to put together a bookshelf with filing drawers at the bottom and then see how much of this fits in it.  I'm thinking I might need to buy another bookshelf, but we'll wait and see!  I'll let you know how it goes, of course ;-)

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